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w.210 - 3rd quarter C13 The St James window (The legend of the 'lost dependant' in blue)


saint / bishop 


youth returns to his parents...

 .. at the shrine at Compostello

 The reunited family departs

 The martyrdom of St James

 the youth is found with the cup...

 he is hung but rescued by St James

the parents depart ...

St James  with the youth on a horse

St James is arrested 

 the legend of the 'lost dependant' with pilgrims to Compostello .... a young man accused of stealing a cup...


 Herod told of James's preaching

 Before Herod

 He baptises

St James with Christ 

 St James with Christ 

 James before a group

 with Philetus

 The calling of James & John

St James with Christ 

 With Philetus and Homogene

 He converts Philetus