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w.208 - 3rd quarter C13

The St Martial window - (or St Julien?)


 A saint bishop blessing


 He delivers a woman of a serpent

 The death of St Martial

The funeral procession

 St Martial preaches to the inhabitants of Saintes, Poitiers

.. and inhabitants of Bordeaux

 .. and heals a paralytic

 St Matial preaches to a crowd

 He baptises...

 ... and preaches

 Martial heals a possessed soul....

... and baptises the father of a young girl

 he accepts the hospitality of a woman ...

... who he then baptises 

 Martial with prisoners at Limoges ...

... and with pagan priests 

 He peforms a baptism with witnesses

Martial washes Christ's hands

 ... the last Supper that he attends

Ordained by St Peter 

 The resurrection of St Austriclinien