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w.212__ The St John and St John the Baptist window

St John panels  
St John the Baptist panels  


A saint bishop


John's death and assumption

His disciples weep

The sick attending (?) ...

... the Mass of St John

He is exiled to Patmos ...

... where he writes the Apocalypse

A group of his disciples

His tomb is found empty

St John drinks it and survives

He rouses the 2 poisoned men

A king and a soldier

In Rome he is plunged in boiling water

The Baptist before Herod

A saint before a king (queen?)

Pulverising the precious stones....

... to prepare a fatal drink; 2 people die

Circumscision of the Baptist

He preaches in the desert

Soldiers observe

The Baptist before Herod

Zacharias in the temple


Birth of John the Baptist

He is enrolled