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w.213 - 3rd quarter C13 The St Thomas and St Stephen window

[ n.b. the order of some of the panels has become somewhat muddled ]


 The Incredulity of St Thomas


 The idols fall as ....

... St Thomas is decapitated 

 The relics are exhumed...

.. and transferred to a reliquary 

 St Thomas & Gundaphorus

 St Thomas makes some converts

 Gamaliel appears in a dream to Lucien

 a lion attacks a servant .. removing his arm .....

 Thomas revives the servant

 He is buried by Gamaliel & Nicodemus

(Thomas among the Apostles)

At the banquet: the dog with the arm ... 

 at the banquet

 His martyrdom by stoning

 Christ tells Thomas to go with Abanes

Abanes & Thomas go to India 

St Stephen sent by his bishop

 St Stephen preaching

Gundaphorus sends Abanes to find an architect

[Christ tells Thomas to go with Abanes - C19] 

 The arms of Vincent de Pirmil