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w.211 - 3rd quarter C13 The St Denis and St Vincent window


A saint bishop


Led by an angel he holds his head ....

... and leaves it where his abbey is to be founded

 His body thrown in the sea ....

 ... and left to the animals

...and is thrown in prison 

... and then decapitated

His soul caried off by angels

The death of the saint

 Arrested he appears before the proconsul....

He converts his jailer

A soldier with Dacien

St Denis and/or his companions martyred

His martyrdom...

An angel visits him in prison

Christ gives Communion in prison  (panels other way round)

He is arrested ...

(panels other way round)

His martyrdom...

His martyrdom

St Denis sent to Gaul by St Peter

Preaching in Lutece (Paris)

The deacon Vincent with his bishop 

Before Dacien