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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 9 (Delaport 39)

Theodore and Vincent

section 5

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37-38. The burial


33. Magistrate gives orders

35-36. V's body washed ashore is tended by angels

34. V's body cast into the sea

31. Corpse protected by raven

29-30. Death of St Vincemt

32. Men tell of the miracle

The grill is prepared

19-20. V is grilled alive

18. V is led to the grill

21. V put in prison again (?)

22-23. In prison V converses with an angel (with 2 witnesses)

24. The magistrate is informed

27. Condemned to the gridiron

25-26. V is released only to be tortured again

28. V walks toward gridiron

13. V put into prison

14. V is stripped

15. ... and beaten

16. Bishop of Saragossa is banished

1. donors: weavers

11. V is made deacon by bishop of Saragossa

12. V before a judge

2. donors: weavers

3. T fires a Roman temple

4. T before a judge

5. T in prison

6. Christ appears to T

9. Angel with censers

7. T is torn with rakes

8. Theodore is burnt alive

10. Angel with censers