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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 11 (Delaport 40)

St Pantaléon

design, background, border

 34. Angels

36 Christ blessing

 35. Angels

31. Angel with censers

 33. P's soul ascends

32. Angel with censers

28 P prays before his torturers

29 P tied to a tree is killed

30 two torturers burn the saint

 25 Hermoleus decapitated

26 Hermoleus decapitated

 27. Maximian with P

22 P goes to find Hermoleus

 23. Hermoleus, P and others before Maximian

24 The falling of the idols

19 As P prays the wheel breaks

20 Maximian with a courtier

21 Maximian interrogates P

15 Christ with the saint

16 P before Maximien inspired by a green devil

17 P Condemed to be tortured

13 P is delivered to beasts

14. An angel visits him in prison

18 P tortured on the wheel

10 P is bound to a cross and tortured

11 P in a vat of molten lead

12 P is thrown into the sea - with millstone

7 P heals a paralytic

8 P before Maximian

9 P thrown in prison

4. P cures a snakebite

 5. Baptism of P by Hermoleus

6. P heals a blind man

2. P studying medicine

1 Donor deacon Nicolas Lescene

3. P with Hermoleus