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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 11 (Delaport 40)

St Pantaléon

design, background, border

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 34. Angels

36 Christ blessing

 35. Angels

31. Angel with censers

 33. P's soul ascends

32. Angel with censers

28 P prays before his torturers

29 P tied to a tree is killed

30 two torturers burn the saint

 25 Hermoleus decapitated

26 Hermoleus decapitated

 27. Maximian with P

22 P goes to find Hermoleus

 23. Hermoleus, P and others before Maximian

24 The falling of the idols

19 As P prays the wheel breaks

20 Maximian with a courtier

21 Maximian interrogates P

15 Christ with the saint

16 P before Maximien inspired by a green devil

17 P Condemed to be tortured

13 P is delivered to beasts

14. An angel visits him in prison

18 P tortured on the wheel

10 P is bound to a cross and tortured

11 P in a vat of molten lead

12 P is thrown into the sea - with millstone

7 P heals a paralytic

8 P before Maximian

9 P thrown in prison

4. P cures a snakebite

 5. Baptism of P by Hermoleus

6. P heals a blind man

2. P studying medicine

1 Donor deacon Nicolas Lescene

3. P with Hermoleus