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Chartres Cathedral

7 (38 Delaport)

Charlemagne window

 23 Censing angel

22 The Mass of St Giles

24 Censing angel

20 Baudoin looks for water but Roland dies


21. C hears of Roland's death


 19 Roland splits rock & sounds horn


 17 Ferragus killed by Roland

16 Roland fights the giant Ferragus

18 Charlemegne crosses the Pyrenees

15 Fights a pagan king

14 Miracle of the lances


13 Builds a church at Compostelo


11 Prays before the Battle

10 En route for Spain with Archbishop Turpin

12 The Seige of Pamplona

9. Expedition to Spain: the Milky Way

8. Apparition of James Great


7. C presents relics at Aix la Chapelle


4. Fights the Saracens

5. Constantine welcomes Charlemagne

6. Receives relics and Virgin's tunic

3. C Between 2 bishops

2. Charlemagne in Constantine's dream


1. Furriers