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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

(Delaport 37)


The St James Window


30 Christ in Majesty


29 James beheaded


28 Josias beheaded before Herod

25 James (and Josias?) before Herod

27 James & Josias led away together

26 Led away James heals more paralytics

 23 Josias is struck down

22 James addresses two men from prison

 24 James led away heals a paralytic

21 James thrown into prison


20 Almogenes adresses adepts

17 Almogenes instead throws the books in sea

19 Almogenes destroys the idol

18 Almogenes & Filetus before James

15 Almogenes is converted

14 Almogenes, James & Filetus

16 Almogines about to burn his books

13 The demons are sent to bind Almogines


12 The demons beg the Saint's help

9 James sends his cloak

11 Almogines raises demons

10 Demon leaves Filetus

7 Filetus converted

6 Meets Filetus

8 Filetus bound by Almogines

5 Almogines sends his disciple Filetus


4 St James preaching in the synagogue

 1. Furriers

3 Christ gives James his staff

2. Drapers