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 1. John of Roxborough thrown into the river by horse

2. Rescued by Thomas


3. They search for him in a boat


4. He is tended by 2 women


5. A pilgrim


6. A youth


7. A dying man is given holy water


8. A girl sitting up in bed


9. The boy Henry of Beche on pilgrimage


10. Offering at the tomb


11. A priest with a sick man


12. A man offers at the tomb


13. Cicely of Plumstead(?) sits up on her bier


14. Gilbert le Brun, embraces his father


15. Gilbert offers wire at the tomb

Corner panel (?) 16a

16. Funeral (of Gilbert?)

16b - architectural

Canterbury cathedral

Trinity Chapel


Miracle window

John of Roxborough. Henry of Beche

Panels from elsewhere assembled here in the early C20

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008