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 1. Thomas appears to the dying Geoffrey

2. He makes an offering at the tomb

3. A wall collapses on his bed

 4. The family pray amongst the ruins

 5. The child is discovered unhurt

6. The mother prays to St Thomas

7. James dying on his bed

 8. James recovers after holy water given

 9. Lame Edwin makes an offering ...

10. ... is healed and makes another offering

11. A monk asks for holy water

 12. The leprous priest Elias examined by doctors

13. William buried by a collapsing trench 

14. The priest is told

15. A woman says he is still alive

16. William is heard amid the rubble by the bailiff

17. The priest organises a rescue party

18. The bailiff tells the priest

19. The villagers arrive with digging equipment

20. William is extracted alive  

21. The shrine when new

22. People pray around the shrine


Canterbury cathedral

Trinity Chapel


Miracle window

Geoffrey of Winchester; James and Earl of Clare; Edwin of Berkhamstead; Elias of Reading; William of Gloucester

The shrine as it was in 1220

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008