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1. A man in bed

2. Offerings at the tomb

3. Offerings being made at the tomb

4. Offerings being made at the tomb

5. A monk at the tomb

6. Washing feet at the tomb

7. A group at the tomb

8. A man in bed drinking (holy?) water

9. The carpenter William of Kellett cuts his leg with an axe

10. St Thomas appears to him in a dream

11. a woman unloosing William's bandage finds no wound

12. William leaves the city ater visiting the tomb

13. Adam the Forrester shot by a poacher

14. He drinks holy water from the tomb

15. A sick man (Adam?) visited by three friends

16. Adam's thank offering at the tomb


Canterbury cathedral

Trinity Chapel


Miracle window

William of Kellett, Adam the Forrester.

The top 8 panels are assemblages made from fragmented panels in old glass in c.1890.

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008