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Auxerre, Cathedral - w. 16


25. James is beheaded


22. He is condemned - held by Josias

23. Josias asks to be baptised

24. James leaves with his jailer

 19. St James arrested

20. He appears before Herod Agrippa

21. He is put in prison

 16. Homogene throws his spell books into the sea

17.  Homogene and his pupil Philetus are converted

18. They are baptised

13. Homogene presents himself to St James

14. St James gives him his staff

15. Homogene

10. St James dismisses Homogene's devils

11. They report back to their master

12. Three Pharisees - one with a scroll (spell?)

7. A bishop is tied to a ladder

8. Julienne embalms Stephen's corpse

9. Three monks and another

4. A priest and a young cleric

5. The relics are moved to Constantinople

6. A cleric enters a church

1. Lucian leads Bishop John to the remains

2. He opens the tombs of Nicodemus, Gameliel and Stephen

3. An angel and two men

A hybrid window made from two distinct parts:- St James the Great (10 - 25) and the Relics of St Stephen (1 - 9)

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008