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Auxerre, Cathedral


25. The Prodigal Son's father? with a sceptre


22. Servers

23. The feast

24. Servers

 19. The feast (misplaced panel)

20. The older brother asks what's going on

21. The father comes to collect him

 16. In his father's house he gets a new suit of clothes

17. The fatted calf is killed

18. Musicians practise for the feast

13. Working in the fields

14. He turns about....

15... and returns to his father

10. The Prodigal Son dismissed by his harlots

12. He asks for work

7. Aristodemus poisons three condemned men

8. St John drinks the poisoned cup

9. He revives the 3 poisoned men

4. Christ with seven angels and trumpets

5. The "Woman clothed with the sun"

6. Christ with the Lamb and Book of 7 seals

1. an angel shows John the fire of rain and grail

2. Christ appears with the sickle

3. An archer on a white horse (Death?)

Border and design

w. 12

The Prodigal Son (10-25)

St John (7 - 9) and some Apocalypse panels (1 - 6)

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008