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Auxerre, Cathedral

15. Miracle of the child with the restored golden cup

16... having fallen into the sea


13. St Nicholas and the three young girls ...

14. ... delivered from having to become prostitutes

11. Miracle of the child fallen into boiling oil

12. Nicholas enthroned as bishop


9. The inhabitants of Myra pray and are told to choose Nicholas as their bishop

10. A bishop and clerics go and look for Nicholas

7. Death of Nicholas' predecessor at Myra

8. Nicholas prostrates himself before a church

4. He heals Volusien's son

5. Prays before the church of Varzy

6. Procession of clerics

1. St Germain accosted by a vagabond

2.He heals the son of Elaphius

3. ?(He stops Elochoic, king of Alains)

w. 10

Composite window with the stories of St Germain (1 - 6) and St Nicholas (7 - 16)

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