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Auxerre, Cathedral

 22. The martyrdom of the family by being roasted in the bronze bull

 19 - 20. He recovers his wife and children

21. As a soldier

 16. Eustach's wife and two sons

17. St Eustach forced to leave his wife with the boatman

13 - 15. St Eustache's children being carried off by wild animals

10. St Martin commissions a church

11. The architect and the church

12. [St Germain and the son of Elaphius] from window 10

7. An exorcism

8. Martin blesses his mother

9. With St Paulin de Nole (?)

4. Martin tied to a sacred pine tree

5. the death of the saint

6. The tree falls

1. St Martin revives a dead person

2. The Mass of St Martin

3. With a disciple

w. 8

The stories of St Martin (1 - 11)

and St Eustache (13 - 22)

The window is composite with a number of different designs and two subjects. The St Eustache panels - such as they are - read from top to bottom, as do the St Martin panels

Design and background 1

Design and background 2

Design and background 3

Design and background 4

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008