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Auxerre Cathedral - w. 18


25. Christ blessing


22. The thieves return the money ...

23... putting it by the statue

24. The Jew before the statue of St Nicholas

 19. The thieves divide the spoil

20. The Jew beats the statue

21. St Nicholas appears to the thieves

 16. Another Jew entrusts his treasure to St Nicholas' statue

17. .. but it is stolen..

18. .. and the theives run off with it

13. The Jew prays to a statue of St Nicholas

14. .. who recovers the money

15. and the Jew is baptised

10. A man borrows money from a Jew

11. But while travelling is crushed by ...

12. ...a chariot and the gold falls to the ground

7. St Eloi and St Ouen before the bishop

8. A procession with the bishop

9. Death of St Eloi

4. Clovis weighs the gold seat

5. St Eloi enthrones the Bishop of Noyon

6. He pinches a devil's nose

1. Childebert commissions St Eloi to make a gold throne

2. He works at the throne

3. a person brings 2 horses

St Eloi (1 - 9) and the Miracles of St Nicholas

Background and design

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008