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Auxerre, Cathedral


25. An angel


22. The temple falls

23. Samson's funeral....

24. ... and embalming

19. 20. 21. The blind Samson is led around

16. Delilah cuts Samson's hair

17. Samson is blinded...

18. ... he works the wine press

13.Samson prays

14. Samson and the salty spring

15. Samson enters Gaza

10. Samson prepares a fire

11. The fire

12. Samson with the gates of Gaza

7. God with Adam and Eve

8. The Original Sin

9. They hide their nudity

4. Adam and Eve chased from Paradise

5. God condemns them to work and upbringing

6. Adam delves and Eve spins

1. The Hebrews pray...

2. ... Moses descends with the tablets of the Law

3. Moses and the Burning Bush

w. 11

Scenes from Genesis, Exodus and the story of Samson

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008