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Auxerre, Cathedral


19. St Andrew on the cross


16. St Andrew is condemned

17. St Andrew led to prison

18. St Andrew is beaten

13. Soldiers arrest Andrew...

14. ,, but they then fall to their knees

15. An angel throws fire onto four sleeoing people

10. He receives a reed

11. He is offered a reed

12. Three people

7. Andrew baptising

8. St Andrew rescues a young man from demons

9. St Andrew repels two demons

4. Nicea's inhabitants implore St Andrew for his help

5. St Andrew chases the demons/dogs

6. Demons strangle people in their bath

1. St Andrew and the old Nicholas

2. St Andrew exorcises a child

3. Demons stone the inhabitants of Nicea

w. 13

The Story of St Andrew

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008