"English Stained Glass"

by Painton Cowen

published by Thames and Hudson 2009

"a work of solid scholarship and real artistry ..an album of superb pictures of English medieval windows ..an outstanding guide to lesser-known locations."

The Journal of Stained Glass


Stained glass is one of the glories of medieval art, and much of the finest glass can be found in England. Intensely moving in its beauty, startling in its colours and fascinating in its imagery, it has for centuries captivted visitors to churches and cathedrals.

This book presents the masterpieces of English stained glass as never seen before. Covering the entire golden age from 1100 to 1530, it reveals in astonishing new detail over one hundred windows and panels, spanning the regions and showing that one never has to travel far to see something special. Nothing significant is omitted and the most important monuments, including the cathedrals of Canterbury, Wells and Lincoln, as well as York Minster, among many others, are covered in extra depth.

For the interested visitor, the passionate devotee, or anybody simply enchanted by these fragile works of art
English Stained Glass will inform, enchant and delight.