The Saints

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600.0010 St Abadias A 4th century saint venerated in the Coptic church
600.0011 St Abrogastius Bishop of Strasbourg in the 7th century who built the first cathedral there
600.0012 St Acacius Patriarch of Constantinople d.489
600.0023 St Acheul (Acceul) A little known about this saint said to have died in Amiens in the 4th century
600.0030 St Adrian(us) Adrien A number with this name: in the golden Legend he was a Roman officer who converted but was violently tortured
600.0031 St Agapit Born at Kiev in the ?11th century he was famous for healing often using herbs (boiled with the help of prayers)
600.0040 St Agatha Little is known about her, possibly from Catania in Sicily in the 3rd century. Patron saint of bellmakers and sometimes portrayed carrying her bell-like breasts which she lost through torture
600.0050 St Agnes A Roman martyr about whom little is knowm She probably was martyred young c.320 and her emblem is a lamb
600.0051 St Agricole Bishop of Avignon famed for preaching and charitable works. d. 700
600.0052 St Aignan Bishop of Orleans c.400 of which city he is now patron saint; he helped defend the city from the Huns
600.0053 St Alban The first British martyr of Roman origin who died in 209 according to the 5th century writer Gildas
600.0054 St Albertus Magnus Great teacher and encyclopaedic writer who settled at Cologne and died there in 1280
600.0056 St Alexander Little known about him and there are a number with the name.
600.0060 St Alphege Archbishop of Canterbury when it fought the Danes  died in Greenwich 1012
600.0061 St Alpin 8th Bishop of Chalons-en-Champagne who founded the cathedral, ND en Vaux and the convent St Lazare. He died at Baye in 480
600.0062 St Altin ?
600.0070 St Amande A hermit in Bourges he became a missionary supported by the frankish kings; he reprimanded Dagobert for using force to convert people. d.679
600.0080 St Amatre (Amateur) Became Bishop of Auxerre in 388 and famed for performing miracles, mostly of healing. d. 418
600.0090 St Ambrose One of the 4 Doctors (Fathers) of the Church. Born at Trier he died in Milan where he was bishop in 397
600.0100 St Anastasia Byzantine saint; she died at Sremska Mitrovica in ?304
600.0110 St Andrew Apostle and fisherman brother of St Peter; the X-shaped cross is known only from the Middle Ages
600.0115 St Andrew of Anagni  
600.0120 St Anne Traditional mother of the Virgin Mary; (cf. Hannah of 1 Samuel 1)
600.0121 St Ansano Patron saint of Siena; 
600.0124 St Ansbert Archbishop of Rouen who died 694
600.0126 St Anselm Born in Aosta he became Archbishop at Canterbury in 1093
  St Ansoaldus A bishop of Strasbourg in the early 7th century
600.013 St Anthony Founded hermetic monasticism of desert monks in Egypt in 3rd century; born c.251 died 356 (over 100 years old?). Resisted spiritual and physical temptations. A.k.a. A. Abbot or A. the Hermit
600.0132 St Anthony Abbot See St Anthony
600.0135 St Anthony of Padua Born in Lisbon he became a Franciscan and preached in Morocco and then in Italy where he died in Padua aged 37 in 1231 
600.0137 St Anthony the Hermit See St Anthony
600.0140 St Apollonia A virgin-martyr in Alexandria; d. 249AD
600.0141 St Apollinaire Originally from Antioch with St Peter he becale bishop of Ravenna: died 86AD
600.01415 St Aquilin(a) She came from Byblos, preached Christianity and died under Diocletian in 293AD
600.0142 St Arbogaste  A bishop of Strasbourg in the 7th century
  St Arian An Alexandrian martyr d.331
600.0143 St Arnould A Confessor at the time of Charlemagne d.800
  St Arthème Member of the court of Emperor Maximus (late 4th century) became bishop of Clermont Ferrand after a miraculous cure
600.0145 St Athanasius An Alexandrian theologian and Eastern Doctor of the church d.373
600.0146 St Attale(a) Burgundian saint-Abbot who died in Bobbio.627AD
600.0149 St Aubin Eveque d' Angers; d.550?
600.0150 St Augustine One of the 4 Fathers of the Church. d.430 at Hippo
600.0152 St Augustine of Canterbury Sent to England by Gregory the Great in 597 where he became Archbishop at Canterbury
600.0155 St Aurelia 4th century companion of St Ursula she died at Strasbourg where her tomb is
600.0160 St Austremoine  First bishop of Clermont Ferrand in late 3rd century
600.0161 St Austriclinien A Limosin saint who was a 6th century companion of St Martial
  St Aventin A legendary saint in the Pyrenees who healed a bear that became his follower; died at the hands of the Moors c.800
600.0162 St Avit St Avit (de Vienne? Bishop who helped convert Clovis and died in 525)
600.0170 St Barbara Legendary saint in 3rd century, beautiful and imprisoned in a tower (her symbol) by her father who was struck by lightening for ordering her death for her refusing to renounce her faith
600.0175 St Barlaam A 3rd or 4th century hermitic saint
600.0180 St Barnabus Companion of St Paul allegedly martyred in Cyprus
600.0190 St Bartholomew One of the 12 Apostles; was allegedly flayed alive; he was said to have preached in India and Armenia. (Nathanael in St John's Gospel - 1:45 - is thought by some to be him)
  St Béate A 3rd century saint of Spanish origin who was martyred at Sens
600.0200 St Benedict (Benoit) Influential patriarch of the Western monastic tradition: founded Montecassino in 529 and wrote his Rule there dying c.547
600.0202 St Benoit de Nurcie See St Benedict (Benoit) - Nurcie is present day Norcia in Umbria
  St Benedict XI Pope in 1303 and died the following year; became a saint in 1736 as cures were alleged at his tomb
600.0206 St Bernadin(e)(o) of Siena A Franciscan preacher in Siena
600.0220 St Bernard The most influential founder of the Cistercian Order who founded Claivaux; also known for his writings 
600.0225 St Birinius Bede called him a good and just man; came to England from Rome, of ?German origin, and died at Dorchester c.650
600.0230 St Biulfus A bishop of Strasbourg c.620
600.0235 St Blaise An Armenian saint who healed animals and people; his emblem is a wool comb. d.316
600.0245 St Blandine(a) A brave young Christian girl who was tortured and gored to death by a bull at Lyon c.177
600.0250 St Bonaventura? Bishop, cardinal, writer, theologian and follower of St Francis Died at Lyon in 1244.
600.0260 St Bonnet (Bonitus) Bishop of Clermont Ferrand and younger brother of St Avit. He is said to have had an apparition of the Virgin Mary d.7104
600.0270 St Bothin (Pothin(us)?) First bishop of Lyon d.117AD
  St Botolph (Botwulf) A holy and learned abbot from Thorney d.681. His name is the origin of Boston (in Lincolnshire and the USA - i.e. "Botwulf's town")
600.0280 St Brice The 4th bishop of Tours who succeeded St Martin  d.444
600.0290 St Brigit (Brigid / Bridget) St Brigid of Kildare - legendary? Christianised Celtic goddess of the same name?
600.0295 St(?) Budic (or king?  A bishop of Dol 
600.0300 St Calais A local saint in the Sarthe?
600.0303 St Caletric 6th century saint in Chartres?
600.0306 St Calloway A Cornish saint?
600.0320 Ste Camille She attended the last moments of St Germain d'Auxerre and accompanied the body when it was returned from Italy to France
600.0330 St Candide A companion soldier of St Maurice in the Theban Legion, tortured for refusing to persecute Christians
600.0335 St Canute St Canute - IV?  Cnut?  D.1086
600.0340 St Caprais First bishop of Agen martyred c. 270
600.0343 St Carentan (Did he exist? Or is it St Leon who came from Carentan?)
600.0345 St Castule A 3rd century ?Roman saint who was buried alive for harbouring Christians in his house
600.0350 St Catherine According to the legnd she was a young scholar who converted many people, argued with philosophers, was tortured on the wheel and finally beheaded in c.305AD
600.0355 St Catherine of Siena Dominican 'tertiary' and a patron saint of Italy who helped unite the church after the Avignon separation d.1380
600.0360 St Cecilia Possibly legendary but is said to have lived in what is now her church at Trastevere in Rome. Patron saint of musicians- she "sang in her heart to the Lord" at her wedding.
600.0365 St Celeste The second bishop of Metz around 300AD
600.0370 St Chad A Northumbrian saint who became bishop of York and then Lichfield  d.672
600.03705 (St) Charlemagne  King of the Lombards and Holy Roman Emperor in 800AD. United much of Europe "The Father of Europe". Canonisation in 1165 to gain favour with Barbarossa was revoked in 1179, but is now "cultus confirmed"
600.03707 St Charles See St Charles Borromeo
600.03708 St Charles Borromeo Important Christian educationalist, cardinal and Bishop of Milan and played an important role at the Council of Trent. Died aged 46 in 1584
600.0371 St Cheron A saint who came from Rome and was supposedly martyred at Chartres (date unknown but he was canonised in 800) See his window at Chartres
600.0374 St Christine(a) of Bolsena who allegedly died there in either 295 or in the fifth century. Her pagan father tortured her for not renouncing Christianity
600.0380 St Christopher  A martyr in Asia Minor in the 3rd century? The patron saint of travellers the legend says that he carried a traveller who turned out to be Chist across a river
600.0385 St Claire of Assisi? A follower of St Francis d.1253. There are a number of St Claires (Clare, Claire, Clair, Clarus)
600.0386 St Clarus (Cleer) An eighth century Cornish saint
600.0385 St Cler (St Clair?) Saintly abbot of St Marcel in Vienne d.660 - or another who visited Cologne??
600.0387 St Claude A seventh century abbot who performed miracles and revived a child from death
600.0390 St Clement Third successor to St Peter as pope; an Apostolic Father whose symbol was the anchor 
600.0393 St Cleophas One of Christ's 72 disciples. On the road to Emmaus.
600.0400 St Clothilde A wife of King Clovis I who helped him convert to Christianity and helped him found the Merovingian dynasty 
see people
St Constantine The first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity although he was baptised only on his deathbed. The Byzantine church first recognised him as a saint
600.0403 St Cornelius A third century pope and martyr   d.253
  St Corona Associated with the Roman soldier St Victor she was martyred with him in Syria in c.170 (or possibly later)
600.0410 St Cosmas and St Damian. Little is known about Cosmas and Damian; they became venerated from the fifth century - in some versions as brothers - as miracle curing doctors
600.0420 St Crepin (Crispin) and Crepinion (Crispinion); ?Roman missionaries who became the patron saints of cobblers, tanners and leather workers; allegedly martyred in Soissons in 285/6 AD
600.0436 St Crescencia(-enzio) Crescencia (Crescentia of Lucana) or St Crescenzio was a patron saint of Siena; she nursed St Vitus and was supposedly martyred by being boiled in oil in 303AD
600.0433 St Cornelius Pope and martyr who rejected the Church's then teaching on Apostasy d. 253
600.0436 St Crescenzio See St Crescencia
600.0440 St Cuthbert A Northumbrian - "child of God" (Bede) - who while tending sheep ad a vision; became a monk interested in nature; preaching and healing at Lindisfarne he died at Farne 687
600.0450 St Cyprian Bishop of Carthage famed for his goodness and writings. Martyred in 258
600.0455 St Cyriac A Roman nobleman who gave away his fortune and possessions. Maryred in the diocletian persecutions 303AD
600.0460 St Damian See also St Cosmas
600.0460 St Demetrius A warrior saint who preached Christ and died in Serbia c.304AD but his cult flourished in Salonica
600.0460 St Denis (Denys) Dionysius of Paris. Missionary who became Patron saint of France d. c.258AD. He allegedly carried his head to his tomb at the now abbey of St Denis near Paris
600.0460 St Denis the Areopagite  Sometimes confused with Dionysius of Paris, he was identified with the Dionysius of Acts 17:34 and also with the fifth century mystical writer.
600.0487 St Didier (Desiderius) Bishop of Langres in the 3rd or 4th century (confusion with Didier of Vienne)
600.0488 St Dié (Deodat) A bishop in the ?7th century who later founded a hermitage at St Dié and then a monastery
600.0490 St Dominic Founder of the Order of Preachers, a learned canon at Osma he tried to convert the Albigensians by reason as opposed to the Pope who used force.d,1221
600.0500 St Domitien a third century bishop of Châlons en Champagne
600.0505 St Domitille(a) Flavia Domitilla was a grand-daughter of the Roman Emperor Vespasian and professed Christianity and was banished to an island. Died c.95AD
600.0506 St Domnole bishop of le Mans with St Germain?
600.0510 St Donatien 4th century bishop of Châlons en Champagne
600.0520 St Donatius IV 8th bishop of Reims who died in 389AD; his emblem is a wheel with candles
600.0525 St Donato (Donat or Donatus) Patron saint of Arezzo and Meissen. Educated with the future emperor Julian Apostate: Donat was said to have gone to heaven and Julian to hell  d.362
600.0530 St Dorothy (also aka Doris?) Legendary saint ? Was supposed to have sent flowers from heaven to two apostate women after her death in 303AD
600.0540 St Dunstan Revived monasticism in England from Glastonbury, founding abbey at Westminster, Bath, Exeter, Malmsbury et al. Became archbishop of Canterbury d.988
600.0545 St Edme (Edmund of Abingdon) Scholar, teacher and Archbishop of Canterbury; disputed with Henry III over Papal bulls; emigrated at instigation of St Louis and retired to Pontigny abbey  d.1240
600.0550 St Edmund King and martyr  who refused to give up his Christian kingdom; is said to have been shot with arows while tied to a tree in 869AD
600.0560 St Edward the Confessor A supposedly peace-loving king provoked by Earl Godwin, yet as allegedly devoted to the poor and infirm some of whom were cured by his touch. Died 1066 canonised 1161
  St Egbert Archbishop of York d.766
600.0570 St Egwin Benedictine monk and then third bishop of Worcester d.717AD
600.0580 St Eleutherius Saints Denis, Rusticus and Eleutherius were missionaries in Gaul who were all martyred in 258
600.0590 St Eliphe (Elophe) A Lorraine saint martyred in 362 for resisting emperor Julian's re-establishment of idols.
600.0600 St Elizabeth Mother of St John the Baptist and relative of the Virgin Mary
600.0605 St Elisabeth of Hungary daughter of king Andrew II she renounced the world and devoted herself to the poor
600.0610 St Eloi (Eligius) Originally a metalworker/engraver and founded a monastery and convent. Becam bishop of Noyon & Tournai in 641
600.0620 St Erasmus (Elmo) A bishop in Syria martyred c.303. A patron saint of sailors
600.0625 St Erkenwald A saxon bishop who founded moansteries. d.693; brother of St Ethelburga
600.0630 St Ethelbert The king who welcomed Augustine to Canterbury and encouraged missionaries
600.0630 St Etheldreda A daughter of King Anna of East Anglia she founded the monastery at Ely which became a shrine (on the site of the cathedral)
600.06405 St Eufemie (Euphémie) A young female martyr from Chalcedony near Constatinople at who tomb miracles were said to have occurred d. aged 19 in 305AD
600.0641 St Eugene Probably an early Roman martyr but popular legends accumulated that she pretended to be male and became an abbot of a monastery in Egypt
600.0642 St Eugenie (a) Daughter of Philip governor of Alexandria she diguised as a male for many years and became an abbot! d.258AD
600.0645 St Eusebius (Pope) Bishop of Rome and pope (for only 4 months) was banished by Maxentius to Sicily where he died in 310
600.0650 St Eustac(h)e Probabla a legendary saint: a general under Trajan (called Placidus) he became Eustace when he saw Christ Crucified between the antlers of a stag (cf St Hubert). Roasted alive with his family
600.0660 St Eutrope (Eutropius) A Roman or Persian who may have joined St Denis in evangelising in France; became bishop of Saintes. died,c.250
  St Evode A bishop of Rouen in the 6th century
600.0670 St Evrost (Evrou) From Beauvais where he performed miracles and founded religious houses and died c.600AD
600.0680 St Exupery An early 5th century bishop of Toulouse
600.06805 St Faith Either an early 4th century saint at Agen (cult centred at St Foy at Conques) or the legendary partner of Ss Hope and Charity martyred in Hadrian's Rome c.130AD
600.0681 St Faron Bishop of Meaux d.669
600.0682 St Felicité A Roman mother of 7 sons who all refused pagan worship (cf St Symphorosa) martyred c.165AD
600.0683 St Felix (?) Bishop of Dunwich  d.648
600.0684 St Fiacre A seventh century Irish hermit who founded a men-only hostel near Meaux. Patron saint of gardeners
600.0685 St Filleul (Flavius) A sixth century bishop of Rouen who founded the forerunner of St Ouen
600.0686 St Firmin Originally from Spain (Pamplona) he was ordained in Toulouse and became bishop of Amiens where he died in 303 AD
600.0695 St Florent(ius) A hermit-evangelist from Poitiers in the 5th or 6th century who spent time on the Ile d'Yeu
600.0695 St Florentius Irish bishop of Strasbourg in the late 7th century
600.0695 St Florentin (1) A 7th century monk who was the son of a Scottish king who settled in the Meuse at Bonnet near Verdun. He looked after pigs and performed miracles
600.0695 St Florentin (2) Martyred by Crocus the Vamdal king in 406AD - [see the window w1 in St Florentin]
600.0697 St Foy See St Faith
600.0700 St Francis Disinherited by his father he founded the Lesser Brothers in 1210 and preached simplicity. Received the stigmata in 1224 and died 2 years later
600.0705 St Francoise d'Amboise A duchess consort of Brittany who helped the poor and sick; founded the first Carmelite monastery in 1463. d.1485
600.0707 St Frideswide Patron saint of Oxford. A ?princess who founded a nunery at Oxford  d. 735
600.0708 St Fridolin A 6th or 7th century Irish saint who built a church at Poitiers for St Hilarius and founded Sackingen abbey
600.0709 St Frobert From Troyes he performed miracles and founded the monastery of Montier la Celle at St Andre les Vergers at Troyes d.673AD
  St Gall Irish monk who with St Columban evangeised Europe and founded the monastery near Lake Constance; died c.640AD
600.0710 St Garonius (Garoin?) 12th bishop of Strasbourg
600.0720 St Gatien The first bishop of Tours c.250AD
600.0730 St Gaud Bishop of Evreux; evangeliser and builder of churches d.480AD
600.0730 St Gaudo A bishop of Strasbourg (briefly?) before 728AD
600.0733 St Geneve (Génevée) A  bishop of Dol
600.0734 St Genevieve A girl found by St Gemain and lived in Pariswhen it was being harrased by the huns. She did good works died c.500AD
600.0736 St Gengoult Patron saint of cuckold husbands (!) poplar in Toul where a splendid church is dedicated to him
600.0740 St George Popular soldier saint in the early church (3rd to 4th century) about whom little is actually known. Legends abound
600.0745 St Gérard Bishop of Toul d.994 (his mother was struck by lightening which reinforced his religious faith)
600.0750 St Germain of Auxerre a.k.a. Germanus. An active and effective bishop of Auxerre who fought Pelagiansm and visited Britain. Died in Ravenna in 448AD
600.0780 St Germer  A Benedictine abbot who founded St-Germer-de-Fly in the 7th century under the guidance of St Ouen of Rouen
600.0770 St Germerius (Germanus?) A bishop of Toulouse befriended by Clovis.  d. 560AD
600.0790 St Gervais With his companion martyr St Protais little is known about these popular saints; their bodies were discovered in Milan in 386
600.0800 St Gilduin A canon at Dol who refused a bishopric; d.1077
600.0810 St Giles (Gilles) A popular medieval saint from Greece who became a hermit living near Arles; allegedly accidently wounded by the hunting Visigoth king. Founded the abbey St Gilles du Gard; d.710
  St Godard (Gildardus) A bishop of Rouen who died 525AD
600.0825 St Godegrande A bishop of Sees who was martyred - by a jealous relative? - on his return from a pilgrimage to Rome in 775AD. Brother of St Opportune
  St Goery (Goericus) A bishop of Metz, friend of Dagobert I; d.643AD
600.0827 St Gond(e) A monk from Verdun who founded abbeys in Normandy; died c.690AD
600.0830 St Gregory the Great Of wealthy origin he became a pope as ell as a great stateman; one of the four doctors of the Church; d.604
  St Grimoldus (Grimalt) A bishop of Strasbourg
  St Gudule(a) A saint from Brabant she is a patron saint of Brussels; died c.700AD
600.0840 St Guillaume There are a number of saint G's in the 8th and 9th century
600.0840 St Guillaume d'Aquitaine A nobleman-warrior - Guillaume de Gellone - who founded the abbey of Gellone and was made a saint - St Guilhem - in 1066, 250 years after his death in c.815
600.0840 St Guillaume de Malavalle A contemplative hermit who died in 1157
600.0845 St Hadouin A bishop of Le Mans who founded monasteries and settled disputes between Franks and Bretons; d.654AD
  St Haon ?
600.0850 St Helen Mother of Constantine who did good works in the Holy Land and allegedly found pieces of The Cross; d.330 (apx.)
600.0851 St Henry (of Bamberg) Holy Roman emperor Henry II. His wife was (St?) Cunegunda.  He founded Bamberg monastery and cathedral and died in 1024
600.0853 St Henric see St Henry (of Bamberg)
600.0860 St Hilaire Hilary of Poitiers: opponent of Arianism and scholar. Became bishop of Poiters in 350 and died in 367
600.0857 St Hermolaus A ?bishop in the church of Nicomedia who convinced St Pantaleon back to the church at the end of the third century
  St Hervé A blind Breton saint who was good with animals; cured a wolf who he then used to help ploughing; d.556AD
600.0860 St Hilary of Poitiers See St Hilaire
600.0863 St Hippolyte Theologian and martyr in Rome but of Greek origin; refuted Gnostic heresies and errant popes alike; died in Sardinia c.235AD
600.0865 St Honoré 8th bishop of Amiens he is the patron saint of bakers and of Picardy. The street in Paris named after him;  d.600
600.0870 St Hubert As with eustache he saw a crucifix between the antlers of a stag. Become a bishop and is the paron aint of hunters; d. 727AD
600.0880 St Hugh A monk and then a brave and energetic bishop of Lincoln; he came from Avalon; founded the carthusian monastery Charterhouse; d.1200
  St Hyacinth A number of saints with the name - either H. of Caesarea or H. of Poland, or H. and Protus
600.0885 St Idda (Ita)  An ?Irish abbess with a particular interest in education; died c.570
600.0890 St Innocent Pope Innocent I who condemned Pelagianism; d.417
600.0885 St Ignatius of Antioch One of the early Apostolic Fathers whose correspondence throws light on the organisation of the early Church; d.107AD
600.0907 St Irène Widow of the martyr St Castulus Irene rescued the arrow filled body of St Sebastian and found he was not dead.  She died in 288AD
600.0910 St Isabelle Sister of St Louis of France who refused marriage, ministered to the poor and sick and founded the Franciscan monastery at Longchamps; d.1270
600.0920 St James Gt Apostle and brother of St John. His shrine is at Compostello; d. 44AD
600.0930 St James Less The Apostle said by some to be Christ's brother, but Alphaeus is more usually seen as his father. Martyred at Jerusalem in 62AD
600.0950 St Jerome Biblical scholar and Doctor of the Church; died at Betlehem in 420AD
  St Joan of Arc The Maid of Orleans who routed the English and died at the stake in Rouen in 1431
600.0960 St John The young 'beloved' Apostle who was believed to have written St John's Gospel. A series of legends became attached to him and can be seen in stained glass. Died at Ephesus c.100AD? 
600.09701 St John of Beverley Learned bishop of Hexham and York ho retired t Beverley where he died in 721
600.0971 St John of Bridlington A canon who became prior of the Austin canons. Miracle were alleged at his tomb; d.1379
600.0972 St John of Damascus theologian and hymn writer d.749
600.0976 St John Dominici A prelate member of the Order of Preachers who influenced Fra Angelico d.1419
600.0980 St John the Baptist Cousin of Jesus who baptised him; executed  c.29AD
600.0990 St Joseph The husband of theVirgin Mary
600.0991 St Joseph Arimathea Obtained Jesus' body after the Crucifixion and arranged for the tomb
600.0992 St Judas Iscariot A saint? Portrayed with a halo in St Pere de Chartres
600.1000 St Jude The Apostle aka Thaddeus; Epistle writer?  martyred with St Simon in Persia
600.1005 Ste Jule A 3rd century female saint (fromTroyes? After whom a street is names) with emperors Claudius II and Aurelian?
600.1015 St Julias  
600.1007 St Julius (Jules) Pope Julius I who denonced th Arian bishops - and set Dec 25 as the Nativity date; d.352
600.1010 St Julian (Julien) First bishop of Le Mans   d.348
600.1020 St Julien Hospitalier A popular saint whose legendary life is recounted in the Golden Legend. See Chartres w.21 and Rouen w.23
600.1021 St Julien of Brioude (Julien) A Roman soldier from Vienne who converted to Christianity and was martyred at Brioude in the Auverne; d.304
600.1024 St Juliana of Nicomedia; patron saint of sickness; legend recounts she refused marriage professing Christianity; martyred under Diocletian in 304
600.1030 St Just (1) With St Pastor, Just was a boy martyred under Diocletian in 304. Narbonne cathedral is dedicated to him. He is buried in Alcalá de Henares near Madrid
600.1030 St Just (2) Similarities to St Just (1); legend recounts a boy martyred under Diocletian in the Beauvais area c.278
600.1035 St Lambert of Maastrict; a mssionary martyred at Liege in 705 - he may have accused the local mayor of adultery who may have been responsible 
600.1037 St Landulfe (Laudulphe) A bishop of Evreux who allegedly discovered the tomb/relics of St Taurin; d.618?
600.1050 St Latuin First bishop of Sées in the fifth century
600.1065 St Laud see St Lô
600.1065 St Lô (Laud) Bishop of Coutances present at the councils d'Orléans; d.565?
600.1070 St Laumer  A monk from Orleans who came to Chartres and performed miracles; d.593
600.1080 St Lawrence (Laurence) A popular saint who was a Roman martyr allegedly roasted alive and martyred with St Sixtus in 258
  St Lié From Orleans (like Laumer) and studied at the abbey of St Micy-St-Mesmin; d. 533
600.1085 St Lazare (Lazarus) The brother of Mary and Martha who Jesus raised from the dead
600.1095 St Leger Bishop of Autun who suffered at the hands of its mayor whose followers mutilated it; d.679
  St Legonce A bishop of Metz in the first half of the fifth century
600.1100 St Leonard A supposed French noble in the 5th/6th century who persuaded Clovis I to let him liberate prisoners; now their patron saint; d.559
600.1101 St Leonard de Noblac See St Leonard
600.1099 St Leopold St Leopold III (Leopold Margrave) of Austria (d.1136)
600.1102 St Leucher(us)  The 4th bishop of Dol at the end of the 6th century
600.11005 St Leufroy d'Evreux: a disciple of St Saint Saens; d.738
  St Lobiolus A bishop of Strasbourg c.700AD
600.1106 St Lorenzo See St Lawrence
600.1110 St Louis King Louis IX  of France; founded the Sainte Chapelle; died in the Holy Land 1270
600.11107 St Louis Bertrand A Dominican friar from Valencia, Spain; central American missionary in the 16th century d.1581
600.11109 St Louis of Toulouse Nephew of St Louis he became Archbishop of Lyon and then Bishop of Toulouse; died in 1297 of fever aged 23 at Brignoles where he was born; 
600.1111 St Loup (Lupus) A monk who became bishop of Troyes and travelled to England with St Germain d'Auxerre; d.479
600.1125 St Lubin (Leobinus) Bishop of Chartres; see w45 at Chartres for the legend of his life; d.557
600.1130 St Lucien de Beauvais The first bishop of Beauvais, martyred in the Dioclesian persecutions.   d.290
600.1135 St Lucine A third century Roman woman who helped bury the body of St Sebastian and other saints after their martyrdom
600.1140 St Lucy A Sicilian martyr in the Diocletian persecutions; she became a kind of patron saint of the eyes and vision (both visual and spiritual - see Dante)
  St Ludovic See  St Louis
600.1150 St Luke Evangelist and author of the Acts of the Apostles called a physician by St Paul; also the patron saint of artists and painted a portrait of the Virgin Mary?
600.1152 St Lyé (Lié) 2nd abbot of Mantenay where a chateau was also built to help protect Troyes; d.545
600.1155 St Mabena St Mabyn; a Cornish hermit said to have been a daughter of Brychan, a fifth century king in Wales; 
  St Maclou alias St Malo; originally from Glamorgan in Wales and was ont of the legendary 'Sept Saints fondateurs de la Bretagne' from Wales and Cornwall in the 5th and 6th centuries
600.1160 St Magloire Like St Maclou came from Wales and became Bishop of Dol; d.575
600.1170 St Magnance Like St Camille (qv) she attended the transfer of the body of St Germain from Ravenna to Auxerre but died en route in 448
600.1180 St Magnus (Magnus Erlingsson) ie a son of Erling, ruler of Orkneys, killed by a cousin when reclaiming Orkneys after the death of the Norwegian invader Magnus Barefoot d.1116
600.1190 St Malard (Malehard) A bishop of Chartres  died c.650
600.1195 St Mammes of Caesarea; a 15 year  old martyr who was tortured and thrown to the lions but tamed them, being finally killed by a trident in c.275
  St Manacus of Lanreath (Manac or Manakne) Little known about him but said to have been buried at Lanreath near St Neot (qv window n.6). First referred to in the 15th century but is clearly much earlier.
600.1201 St Marceau A bishop  --- ?
600.1200 St Marcel Ninth bishop of Paris d.436
  St Marcellin The 29th bishop of Rome (Pope) died in the Diocletain persecutios in 304
600.1211 St Marcellus Pope for only a year; banished for imposing too severe penances; d.309
600.1212 St Marcouf A sixth century Norman saint saint to have cured scrofulous (TB) by his touch
600.1213 St Marcus A number of saints with this name; at Strasbourg he was a warrior saint
600.1220 St Margaret A popular medieval saint but probably legendary; from Antioch? and martyred for refusing the prefect Olybrius' advances; Diocletian age
  St Marine(a) de Bithynie (by the Bosphorus north of Phrygia). Disguised as a boy she entered a monastery (and was accused of seducing a girl??/or had a child?)  d.750
600.1230 St Mark  Evangelist and youthful Apostle; with StPaul in Rome then went to Alexandria
600.1235 St Martha Sister of Lazarus and of Mary of Bethany (St John 12.1)
600.1240 St Martial Sent by St Denis he evangelised Aquitaine; medieval legend said he was a secret disciple of Christ; 1st bishop of Limoges in the 3rd century
600.1250 St Martin of Tours; a soldier's son born in Hungary; at Amiens he gave half of his cloak to a beggar after which he was baptised; active missionary d. 397
600.1260 St Mary Magdalene Follower of Christ and the first at the Resurrection
600.1270 St Mary the Egyptian A fifth century harlot in Alexandria who converted and became a solitary - see Bourges window w.21
600.1275 St Mary Cleop(h)as The wife of Cleophas (John 19.25) and ?mother of James the Less; present at the Resurrection
600.1276 St Mary Salome Wife of Zebedee and mother of James and John? At the Resurrection with M. Magdalene and M. Jacob
600.1277 St Mary Jacob(i) Half sister of the Virgin? And sister of Mary Salome?
600.1278 St Mathie A late second century female saint from Troyes
600.1280 St Matthew (Mathis) Apostle and tax collector to whom is attributed the Gospel with that name
600.1290 St Matthias (St Mathias) Apostle that fillled Judas' place among the 12
600.1295 St Mathurin Son of a father who was exterminating Christians Mathurin was secretly baptised; exorcised Theodora (daughter in law of Emperor Maximien) d.300 Relics in Larchant near Fontainbleau
600.1300 St Maur (Maurus) First Benedictine in Gaul, sent by Benedict; founded Glanfeuil abbey at St Maur-sur-Loire; d.584
600.1310 St Maurice Roman leader of the Theban legion, all Christian, who refused to kill pagans; all martyred by Maximian in c.287 at St Maurice in Swizerland
600.1320 St Maurille A bishop of Angers. Born in Milan he became a follower of St Martin de Tours; d.453
600.1330 St Maxence A Christian Irish princess who was assassinated at Pont St Maxence on the Oise in the late 5th century 
600.1340 St Maxien Colleague of St Lucien at Beauvais; died c.300
600.1350 St Maximin Legend says he was one of the 72 who went to France with Mary Magdalene and settled in Provence; his tomb is in St Maximin at Aix.
  St Médard(us) Bishop of Noyon, whose father was at the court of Childeric he was given to good works; d.545
600.1351 St Mellon de Rouen where he was allegedly a bishop. Resuscitated a man who fell off the roof - a miracle that made him famous;  d.312
600.1352 St Memmie The first bishop of Châlons en Champagne in the third century
600.1355 St Mewbred Son of an Irish king who became a hermit; died sixth century
600.1360 St Michael Archangel present at the Last Judgement
600.1361 St Minias (Miniato) Originally an Armenian king? Went to Rome and became a hermit and the first Florentine martyr; c.250?
600.1365 St Modest Legendary daughter of the Roman governor Quirinius in the ?2nd century who visited the imprisoned Saint Potentien at Chartres. Quirinius allegedly massacred them all.
600.1367 St Monique Mother of St Augustine of Hippo; d.387
600.1370 St Narcissus Patriarch of Jerusaem who died in 216 aged 116. (Or Narcissus of Athens, one of the 70 - Luke 10 - who assisted St Anthony?)
600.1375 St Neot A monk of Glastonbury or a Cornish hermit? Or both? If the latter he died c.870; visited by King Alfred?
600.1376 St Nicaise A bishop of Reims who founded the first cathedral; d.407 (or 451, massacred by the Vandals)
600.13777 St Nicerarde A bishop (nothing else known) portrayed at Niederhaslach
600.1380 St Nicholas of Bari See St Nicholas of Myra
600.1380 St Nicholas of Myra where he was a bishop in the 4th century. Many legendary miracles attributed to this popular saint. Patron saint of children - hence Santa Claus
600.1390 St Nizier A bishop of Lyon who founded a hospice for the poor and travellers there; an exorcist; d.573
600.1392 St Odile Patron saint of Alsace; founded a monastery at Hohenbourg and was its first abbess; blind at birth her father tried to kill her; regained sight on baptism; died c.720
  St Olivier ? A saint from Ancona in Italy; died c.1050. Little known about him. (Another St Olivier called Plunket who was archbishop in Ireland; d.1681)
600.1394 St Omer Bishop of Therouanne (now demolished) near St Omer; founded a monastery at St Omer (named after him)
600.1395  St Opportune Her brother Godegrand, bishop of Sees, welcomed her to Almeneches abbey; she was abbess of Argenton; she died in 770
  St Osith (Osgyth) Grandaughter of the pagan Penda of Mercia she left her husband became a nun and founded a nunery at Chich, now named St Osyth after her; died c.700
600.1397 St Oswald Northumbrian king who became Christian after being exiled to Iona. He appointed missionaries but was killed in battle by Penda (see St Osith) in 642
  St Otbertus Portrayed as a bishop in Strasbourg cathedral ; aka St Hubert?
600.1399 St Ouen Was a court official until the age of 40; then at 41 became bishop of Rouen but was still embroiled with politics; d.684
600.1400 St Pantaleon A medical missionary / healer and Diocletian era martyr of Nicomedia in Bithynia; d.304
  St Pacome Pacomius the Great: founder of Cenobitic (ie community based) monasticism; d.348
600.1403  St Pasteur Along with St Just they were schoolboy saints (9 and 13) from Spain and died in the Diocletian persecutions; c.304AD
  St Paterne A hermit who became bishop of Avranches; counsellor to Childebert and performed healing miracles; d.565
600.1404  St Patient A bishop of Metz probably in the fourth century although a medieval forgery tried to prove he knew St John and died c.150AD
600.1405 St Patrick Enslaved by raiders and carried initilly from England to Ireland he bcame the great evangelizer and patron saint of Ireland; d.461
600.1410 St Paul Initially a persecuter of Christians in c.36AD he converted and became an apostle and a major propagator of Christianity; died in Rome c.67AD
600.1420 St Paul Anchorite or Paul of Thebes the first Christian hermit and was allegedly visited St Anthony; 
  St Paule(a) of Rome, 'Desert Mother'; a wealthy Roman and mother of 4 became a Christian traveller and founded a monastery at Bethlehem where she died c.404AD
600.1430 St Paulinus A missionary bishop of York originally from Rome; activities recounted by Bede; died at Rochester in 644
600.1435 St Pavace Third bishop of Le Mans (for 43 years) in the 4th century succeeding St Julien and allegedly performed a number of miracles; died c.391?
  St Pélagie Pelagia of Antioch; legend says she was a reformed harlot called Margarita who became a hermit; the Church Fathers said a virgin martyr hermit; 4th/5th century
600.1450 St Peter The Apostle chosen to lead the Church; died in Rome with St Paul c.64AD
600.1460 St Peter Damian Theologian, bishop and reformer from Ravenna; also wrote hymns; d.1072
600.1465 St Peter Martyr A.k.a. St P. of Verona; Dominican friar and preacher against heresy, assassinated in Como in 1252
  St Petronella A virgin martyr who probably died in the 3rd century although there is a remote possibility of the 1st century
600.1470 St Philibert Contemporary of St Ouen and abbot of Rebais and then of Jumieges and also founding Noirmoutier; died 684: his remains are now at Tournus
600.1480 St Philip Apostle from Bethsaida who brought Nathaniel (?Bartholomew) to Jesus. Went to Phrygia and died in ?Hierapolis in?80AD
600.1490 St Piat From Benvenuto in 4th century he preached unsuccessfully in Chartres and went to Tournai. After converting 30,000 he died and his body was returned to Chartres
  St Pinose "Pianosa" on the halo of the figure at Strasbourg - no further information
  St Pius V Dominican pope who died in 1572 
600.14955 St Placidus A disciple of St Benedict and went with him to Monte Cassino; di.541AD
600.1496 St Polycarp(e) He was said by Irenaeus of Lyon to have known St John; spread the word in Asia Minor and died c.155
600.14965 St Portien (Pourçain) Originally a slave he was freed and sought the liberty of other Auvergnats slaves; 6th century
  St Posia (A female saint in w204 Strasbourg cathedral; no information)
600.1500 St Potentien (ius) The second bishop of Sens succeeding St Savinien; he became a martyr in the 3rd century
  St Pretextat Bishop of Rouen who came into conflict with the Merovingians over consanguinity and their marriage intentions and was assassinated in 586
  St Prisca An early martyr of the Roman church; confusion over who is who with the virgin martyrs Priscilla, Martina and Tatiana, ie second or third century
600.1510 St Privat Bishop of Mende who came into conflict with the Alaman (German?) chief Chrocus (see window in Clermont Ferrand); died c.257
600.1515 St Prosper Born in Aquitaine he was a disciple of St Augustine; theologian and writer he died in Rome in 455
600.1520 St Protais (Proteus) Gervais and Protais are the patron saints of Milan, said to be the twin sons of St Vital of Ravenna; martyred under Nero in ?57AD
600.1525 St Psalmet A hermit in the Limousin region originally from Scotland or Ireland; 6th or 7th century. He is said to have recited all 150 psalms every day
600.1530 St Quentin Quentin of Amiens was of Roman origin(?). Little known about him excpet he performed miracles and preached until he was martyred in c.287
600.1535 St Quirin(us) A Roman tribune who converted to Christianity and was martyred in 116AD. His cult centered in Neuss in German
600.1540 St Radegonde Originally a Thuringian princess she became one of Clotaire I's 6 wives but fled when he murdered her brother; performed good works; d.587
  St Radolus (A saint in w209 Strasbourg cathedral; no information)
600.1545 St Raymond de Penyafort (or Pennefort) A Spanish Dominican who did much to compile canon laws; d.1275
600.1546 St Reine (Regina) A third century virgin martyr from Autun: she refused proconsul Olybrius' advances for which she was beheaded at Alesia

St Remi (Remegius) Bishop of Reims who baptised Clovis I whom he converted; d.533
600.1560 St René (Renatus) de Angers: he died as a child but was resusitated by Maurilius; he succeeded Maurilius as bishop of Angers in the 5th century
600.1565 St Réparate (Reparata) A 3rd century virgin martyr from Caesarea who survived a number of tortures; became popular in the Middle Ages - Nice cathedral with the "Bay of Angels" is named after her
600.1570 St Richard of Chichester An ascetic learned priest who became bishop of Lyon and then Chichester; at conflict with Henry III; d.1253
600.1577 St Robert de Molesme, founded Citeaux with Stephen Harding and Alberic but returned to Molesme the following year where he died in 1111
600.1579 St Robert Knaresborough A Yorkshire hermit who lived in a cave looking after the poor and destitute; he also had  way with animals; d.1218
600.1580 St Roch(e) or Rock A 14th century native of Montpellier who allegedly healed plague victims, first in Italy en route to Rome then elsewhere; portrayed with his companion dog
600.1590 St Romanus (Romain(e)) of Rouen; a scribe who became bishop and performed a number of legendary miracles; died c.640
  St Romphaire Ordained by St Lo he was a curate at Barfleur and succeeded St Lo as bishop of Coutances c.566

St Rose ? Rose de Rozoy?  d.1130
  St Rotharius (Rothaire) An ex-military man who was bishop at Strasbourg 660-677
600.1607 St Rufe (Ruf) A bishop of Metz in the fourth century
600.1609 St Rustique (Rusticus) A companion of St Denis who was martyred with him and St Eleutherius at the end of the 3rd century
600.161 St Samson A British abbot and bishop who established a monastery at Dol in Brittanny; miraculous deeds attributed to hm; died c.565
600.1613 St Saturnin (Sernin) Sent by Pope Fabian to Christianise Gaul in c.255 and became the first bishop of Toulouse; said to have been dragged round the town feet first tied to a bull; d.257
600.1614 St Sauveur Christ with the Host
600.1615 St Savino A patron saint of Siena; 
600.1617 St Savine Sister of St Savinien; d.313
600.162 St Savinien of Sens; companion of St Potentien (q.v.) sent from Rome to Christianise Gaul; 3rd century
  St Scholastique Sister (twin?) of St Benedict (of Norcia) founded a nunery within the rule of St Benedict; died c.543
600.163 St Sebastian First mentioned by Ambrose of Milan who aid he was martyred first by arrows but rescued by St Irene; finally killed in Diocletian persecutions c.288
600.1635 St Seratin Martyrised with Savinien, Potentian in the third century
600.1642 St Serene A Christian gardener in Pannonie (now Hungary) denounced and decapitated after refusing a woman's advances; d.307
600.1645 St Sernin (Saturnin) see above
600.1650 St Sever (1) (there are 9 St Severs before 600!) S. of Rouen was a bishop who died c.371
600.1650 St Sever (2) (pronounced Sevé) A Vandal (or Goth?) who converted and then converted others; d.407. The abbey in the Landes named after him?
600.1650  St Sévère A female saint in a 13th century window in Strasbourg - Sainte Sévère, an abbess at Boischaut-Sud (Cher); died c.680
600.1655 St Séverin A hermit who lived on the banks of the Seine; died .c.540. The church in Paris is named after him
600.1657 St Sidwell A ?6th century saint from ?Devon, symbol the sythe with which she was beheaded. 6th century?
600.1658 St Silas Accompanied St Paul and Barnabus on their travels, c.50AD
600.1740 St Silvester (Sylvester) Pope Sylvester I about whom little is known; St John Lateran and St Peter's churches in Rome founded in his time; d.335
  St Siméon A bishop of Metz and 'archi-chapelin' at the court of Charlemagne; died c.494
600.1670 St Simon Apostle (the Zealot) about whom little is known; preached and martyred in Persia (with St Jude?)
600.1671 St Simon of Cyrene Helped Christ carry the cross on the Via Crucis
600.1675 St Siricius Church administrator and pope d.399
600.1680 St Sitha (Zita) A domestic servant of italian origin; abused and overworked she nevertheless loved her employers; patron saint of lost things, particularly keys; died in 1272
600.1685 St Sixtus (II?) Bishop of Rome and martyred by Valerian in 258
600.1685 St Sixtus and Sinicius Pope Sixtus II sent Sixtus (very confusing!) and Sinicius to Gaul establishing the church at Reims; d.258
600.1700 St Solarius 5th bishop of Strasbourg c.550
600.1710 St Solennis (Solemnis) Bishop of Chartres from c.490; brother of St Aventinis of Chartres; 
  St Sôter(e) 12th pope: during the time of emperor Marcus Aurelius; d.174/175
600.1720 St Stephen Ist Christian martyr: a 'zealous preacher and performer of miracles'; stoned to death c.35
600.1720 St Stephen's relics see above
600.1740 St Sulpice Bishop of Bourges and chaplain to Clotair II but lived in poverty and austerity; d.647
600.1740 St Sulpice-Sévère A lawyer from a rich family became an ascetic and a disciple of St Martin de Tours of whom he wrote a hagiography; died c.420
600.1741 St Suzanne A third century Roman martyr who refused to marry Maximien, son of Diocletian and was executed
600.1742 St Swithin Little is known about this counsellor to Wessex kings; he became bishop of Winchester; d.862
600.1750 St Symphorian of Autun Beheaded in the reign of Marcus Aurelius for not worshipping the goddess Cybele. d.178
600.1745 St Syre de Troyes? Blind she found the tomb of St Savinien and erected a church there in the 4th or 5th century 
600.1751 St Taurin(us) First bishop of Evreux; difficult to differentiate between legend and fact but he was said to have performed miracles; died c.410
600.1760 St Thaddeus see St Jude
600.1771 St Theodore A confusion of two Theodores (of Amasea or of Stratelates): legend says he was a Roman soldier who fired a temple of Cybele and refused pagan worship;  d.306 or 319
600.1777 St Thecle A companion of St Paul according to apocryphal sources with elaborate stories; advocated virginity and survived many tortures; died old age c.100AD?
600.1780 St Thibault (Theobald?) de Marley: military grandson of Louis VI (?) converted and became a monk at Vaux-de-Cernay and then abbot; d.1247
600.1780  St Thiébaut  (Theobald?) Paton saint of Thann. A 11th century military man who converted to Christianity and became a pilgrim to Compostello; died age 27?
600.1790 St Thomas Apostle who had doubts about the Resurrection; took the Gospel to India?
600.1795 St Thomas Aquinas  Theologian and doctor of the medieval church; studied with the Benedictines at Monte Cssino and with Albertus Magnus; d. 1247
600.1797 St Thomas of Hereford (T. Cantilupe) Bishop of Hereford to whom miracles were accorded; disputed with Archbishop of Canterbury; d. 1282
600.1800 St Thomas Becket Famous friend of Henry II with whom he came into conflct after his appointment as Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162; martyred in 1170 
600.1810 St Thurian A bishop of Dol 733-749 who had been adopted by his predecessor; he became of the 12 Brittany saints
600.1820 St Thuribe A 4th century bishop of Le Mans and successor of St Julien; a miraculous fountain appeared at his behest at Assé-le-Bérenger
600.1821 St Timothy Converted by St Paul (see his letters) and charged by him to look after Christians in Ephesus; d.97AD?
600.1824 St Tugdale 6th century English monk who founded the monastery of Trébadu in Finistere, Brittany
600.1827  St Turiaf (Turiau) See Thurian
600.1835 St Urbice A bishop of Metz 
600.1830 St Urbain I (Urban?) Pope who succeeded Calixtus; d.230
600.1850 St Ursin(us) The first bishop of Bourges; died c.300
600.1860 St Ursula  3rd century daughter of a British king involved in an unwanted marriage who was killed with her followers (11,000 virgins) at Cologne
  St Uto A bishop of Strasbourg (there were 3 with the name Uto before the year 1000)
600.1865 St Vaast Bishop of Arras and Cambrai and advisor to Clovis; the Benedictine abbey founded with his name in Arras; d.540
600.1870 St Valentin(us) A 'compound' saint difficult to identify; a bishop and/ or a saint who died on a February 14th and was buried on the via Flaminia 269AD
600.1870  St Valentinus Bishop of Strasbourg 530-60
600.1877 St Valérien The fiancé of St Cecilia, baptised by Pope Urbain (see Bourges w.28)
600.1880 St Valery (Walaricus) An austere and prodigious monk first in Auxerre then at Leucone in what is nw St Valery-sur-Somme; d.622
600.1890 St Veronica The woman who allegedly wiped Jesus face on the Via Crucis thus obtaining an image (story not in the Bible) but popular in the 15th century
600.190 St Victor A Roman soldier in Marseilles who converted two others to Christianity and was martyred with them after much torture under Maximian; c.290
600.1905 St Victorin Appears at the death of St Savinien in w17 at Chartres; a scholar and bishop of Pettau in Slovenia? d. 304
600.191 St Vincent A deacon of Saragossa who was persecuted under Diocletian; he suffered many tortures similar to St Lawrence; d.304 at Valencia
600.192 St Virgo (appears in w204 at Strasbourg: the Virgin Mary?)
600.1922 St Victrice A bishop of Rouen in the 4th-5th century
600.1925 St Vital(is) 1. A slave martyred with his master St Agricole in Bologne in 304
600.1925  St Vital(is) 2. of Ravenna and husband of St Valery who was the mother of St Gervais and St Protais; late 1st / early 2nd century during Nero's persecutions
600.1927 St Vivent The 9th bishop of Reims; d.395
  St Walburge (Walburga, Waldburg) An English nun who became head (abbess?) Heidenheim in 761. (Strangely Walpurgis night, May 1, is named after her)
600.1929 St Wandrille Left the court of Dagobert II and marriage to become a monk; founded Fontanelle near Jumieges under the guidance of St Ouen; .668
  St Wendolin Son of a Scotish king, pilgrimed to Rome and settled in Trier as a hermit and then became an abbot; d.617
600.1931 St Wannard A local hermit-bishop? (the name is probably St Weonard)
600.1932 St Werston A hermit monk who fled the Danes and settled in Malvern; he had a vision telling him where to found a chapel that then became the Priory; 11th century
600.1935 St Wilfred From Lindisfarne via Rome, then Whitby to become bishop of York and to triumph Roman over Celtic Christianity; d.709/710
600.194  St William Controversial bishop of York, deposed in 1147 but reinstated shortly before his death in 1154; miracles were believed to have occurred at his tomb 
600.1941 St Winifed A ledgendary 7th century niece of the Welsh St Bueno she was decapitated by a chieftan's son for refusing his advances; Bueno reinstated her head
600.196 St Wulfstan (Wulstan) A saintly bishop of Worcester; d.1095
600.1965 St Yves 1 de Breton; a priest in the diocese of Tréguier who did good deeds; d.1303
600.1965  St Yves 2 de Chartres; bishop of Chartres 1040-1116
600.197 St Yvo Bishop of Chartres and fellow student with St Anselm; d.1115
600.1975 St Zanobi (Zenobius) First bishop of Florence, known as a great preacher;  d.417