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Non stained glass

Rose windows



St Neot, St Anietus

Remarkable glass contemporary with Fairford (Glos) c. 1500, restored extensively in 1830 by Hedgeland, but still retaining its late C15 character. In the NW corner is the St George window which recounts the gory details of events in the saintís legendary life - some of these are unique in that they are not recorded anywhere else in any form; some fo the panels have faded somewhat, but we can see the saint fighting, killing the dragon, being beheaded by the Gauls, being thrown into molten lead, tortured in a number of novel ways and even being ridden, horse-like, by the kingís son! Next door is the less dramatic Legend of St Neot who seemed to suffer nothing more unpleasant than the theft of his oxen; we see how he lived off one fish a day from an inexhaustible well - that is until his servant thought he could do with a good square meal and served up two fish in one day, much to the saintís horror, for such an action rendered the well sterile. However, he returned both fish to the well and miraculously they came back to life, so all was well again.



E window (C19)

The Creation window






Noah window

The Harys window




The Borase window





The Martyn window





The Evangelists

St Neot window




Calloway window 


St George window 

W window (C19) 

 N aisle W window (C19)

Tubbe window