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"Les Vitraux de Champagne-Ardenne", CVMA France, Recensement des vitraux anciens de la France, IV, Paris, 1992, p.160-167

St Florentin, eglise

Fine glass of the C16 in a number of windows



w1 St Florentin

w.0 St Martin

w2 Creation Genesis




w3 St Nicholas

w100 The Crucifixion

 w4 The Immaculate Conception


 w5 St John Baptist (2) 

w101 Via Crucis


w102 Deposition

 w6 Tree of Jesse


 w7 St John Baptist (1)

w103 Ecce Homo


w104 Resurrection

  w8 Annunciation
Aroration of Magi

w9 St John's Revelation 


w105 Flagellation & Mocking


w106 St Thomas doubts


 w10 (modern)

w11 St Julien Hospitaller


w107 Arrest in Gethsemene


w108 Ascension & Pentecost


w12 The Childhood of Christ


w109 Last Supper


w110 Stoning of St Stephen


W rose


Non stained glass photos