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Poitiers, St Radegonde

North window - w.113 - C13

Last Judgement in the rose. In the lancets beneath are reset C13 panels of The Passion and The Childhood of Christ

Last Judgement


St Radegonde with St Agnes and St Disciole

donors' arms

donor: Alphonse de Poitiers






Christ in Glory

An angel

Carrying the Cross

Before Pilate

Judas paid

The Meal at Emmaus

Angel at the tomb

Lazarus healing?


Christ Enthroned; Passion Instruments



Judas' betrayal

The Road to Emmaus?

Last Supper

3 donors

Christ among the Doctors

The Temptation of Christ

Flight into Egypt

Presentation in the Temple

Adoration of the Magi

The Magi follow the star

Annunciation to the shepherds

The Nativity

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008