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Anderedus's child is healed by lying on Ste Radegonde's hair shirt

The healing of Aninia from dropsy by Ste Radegonde pouring oil on her head

Ste Radegonde revives a sick young person

Ste Radegonde washes the feet of the poor

The Poitiers statue of the Virgin and Child paraded to defend the town

The "Pas-Dieu"; Christ's appearance to Ste Radegonde in her cell (leaving his footprint on the pavement)

Floreius' boat is saved from being wrecked by the fishermens' prayers

Ste Radegonde revives a dead child 

A cure at the saint's tomb; from gout?

Ste Radegonde chases demons (the legendary "Grande Geule") out of Poitiers 

Ste Radegonde joyous as the prisoners are released from Peronne castle

Ste Radegonde heals Bella of her blindness with a sign of the Cross 

Either Abbot Abbon cured at the tomb of Ste Radegonde by clenching the curtain; or Raoul de Liez's cure of migrane (MPL)





Poitiers, St Radegonde

North window w.109


Scenes from the Life of Saint Radegonde. An amalgamation of what remained in windows 109 and 111. (111 now has imitation panels made in c.1900)

photography to be completed

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008