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Lausanne, Cathedral

A remarkable and unique rose window as well as a fascinating record of medieval imagery.It is essentially
a medieval Imago Mundi or image of the world and the universe.

Panels asterisked are replacements (by Edouard Hosch, 1894-99). There has been debate concerning the original iconography and contents of the 5 central panels (see the references). Originally it seems that The Creator was at the center, surrounded by the sun, moon, day and night.

1 God the Father.*

Matter: in the small square
2 Light and dark.*
3 Land and sea.*
4 Fish and birds.*
5 Animals and men.*

Time: in the four semicircles
6 Spring, a man with flowers and leaves.
7 Summer, red rays warming the blue sky.
8 Autumn, amid the red and white grapes.
9 Winter, in white and hooded weathers a storm.
10 March, prunes the vines.
11 April, wearing a toque, opens the door to his garden.
12 May, on a white horse, carries his falcon to the hunt.
13 June, inaccurately labelled IULIUS cuts the hay.
14 July, reaps the harvest with a sickle.
15 August, threshes the harvest under a baking sun.
16 September, harvesting the grapes.
17 October, tending his pigs while they eat acorns
18 November, the month of cattle and pig slaughter.
19 December * raises a glass to the year that has gone.
20 January, Janus looking at the year passed & to come
21 February *, warming his hands.*

The elements and the Zodiac
22 Earth*, a woman surrounded with ears of corn.
23 Water, breast-feeding a fish.
24 Air, doing likewise to a dragon.
25 Fire feeding a salamander.

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26 Aries 30 Leo 34 Saggitarius *
27 Taurus * 31 Virgo 35 Capricorn
28 Gemini 32 Libra 36 Aquarius *
29 Cancer * 33 Scorpio 37 Pisces

38 The sun with a fiery halo being drawn across the sky in a chariot.
39 The moon being drawn likewise but with only two horses.
40 Aeromancy, surrounded by seven doves foretells the future.
41 Pyromancy, foretelling the future from the flames of the fire.

Paradise and the lands of myth
The 4 rivers of Paradise pouring waters from the corners of the earth.
42 The Geon (Nile).
43 The Tigris.
44 The Phison * (Ganges).
45 The Euphrates *.
46 Ethiopians, with four eyes to help the accuracy of their archery.
47 Gangaridae, of the Ganges who lived off the sweet smell of fruit
__(and died in the presence of any foul odour!).
48 Acephali, creatures with no heads and with eyes in their bodies.
49 Cynocephali, dog-headed men, thought to live in India.
50 Pygmies, also thought to inhabit India, here fighting a crane.
51 A Satyr, a small hook-nosed creature with horns and goat-like feet.
52 A Sciapod*, lived in the desert only one foot, used as a sunshade.
53 Cephi, elusive creatures known only by their human-like footprints.

The eight winds of the cosmos
54 Auster, the south wind.
55 Euroauster, the south-south-east Wind.
56 Subsolanus, the eastern wind of the Levant.
57 Vulturnus, the south-east Wind.
58 Septentrion, the north Wind.
59 The north-west summer Wind.
60 Zephyr, the west Wind.
61 Austerozephyr, the south-west Wind.