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Rose windows


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Wrangle, St Mary and St Nicholas

Some fine glass in the N aisle, particularly in the E window (n.V) where the main lights house (beneath C15 canopies) C14-C15 pieces that include part of a Scourging scene, part of what might be a Marriage at Cana scene, the Nativity and part of an Annunciation below, the Resurrection and the best panel of all - the Assumption with the Virgin Mary placed in a vesica of radiant light and surrounded by six angels. Above in the tracery lights are figures from a genealogy of Christ series that include the prophets and kings David, Solomon, Jeremiah, Osia, Joash, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Josias, Hezekiah, Amos, Joel, Reboas and Jonas. In the tracery lights of three N windows are many good C15 figures, not all indigenous: (E to W) we can see in (1) Sts Perpetua (with palm), Alban and George above Cecilia (with organ), June, Obeth, a king and (?)Agnes (or Lucy with a dagger through the neck), Abiram and Sitha (with key); (2) an Annunciation above fine figures of Sts Barbara (with tower), Stephen, Edmund, a king, Laurence and (?)Lucy, all with attributes; (3) Sts Peter and John above a female saint, Margaret and six prophets (rather decayed), some of which may have come from a Tree of Jesse.