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Chartres Cathedral

w. 29b (Delaport 54)

The Life of St Germain d'Auxerre

The rose above

section 5

section 4

section 3

section 2

section 1

20. His soul ascends

19. Death of G

17. G's horse is stolen

18. The thief returns it - and is blessed

15. A demon fires L's house

16. .. another fires G's house !

13. G & L Preach in England

14. G and L heal a blind girl

11. G and St Loup cross the sea

12. G calms the storm

9.A demon attacks people

10. G heals the sick

7. Celebrates mass with the thief

8. The thief retuns the money

5. With the tax collector

6. With the man who took the money

3. G ordained against his will

4. His consecration

 2. St Germain studying

1. The donor Geoffrey Chardonnel