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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 29a (Delaport 53)

The Life of St Nicholas

The rose above

 17 & 18.Nichlas blesses the pilgrims

9. A devil receives the potion from the magicians

16. They arrive at the cathedral of Myra

13. a passenger to throw a fial into the sea

  14. ... Nicholas commands ...

11. They sail to Myra.

12. A demon dressed as a woman addresses some of the voyagers

15. The pilgrims disembark

 10. A magician with a flask

7. The magicians prepare the magic potion

8. .... and pour it out

5. Nicholas casts down the statue

 6. The devil appears to 3 magicians

3. Men before a statue of the goddess Diana

  4. St Nicholas preaching

1. Donor: Etienne Chardonel

2. Donors: man & woman before a statue of the Virgin