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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 17 (Delaport 43)

St Savinian and St Potentian

Background design

 21+22. St Modest is beheaded

19. St Modest brings food to 3 imprisoned saints ...

20. .... and extracts a corpse from a well

1. Donors - members of the congregation.

2. Donors - the weavers

17. St Savinien & disciple are condemned

18. Their martyrdom

15 Five saints standing near a town

16 Bishop Potentien talking to two other saints

13 St Savinien baptising

14 St Savinien raising a church at Sens

11. St Peter & St Paul appear to St Savien (in a dream?)

12. Two saints before a king

9. St Savinien marks the walls of Sens with a cross

10. St Savinien preaching

7.The three saints preach the Gospel

8. Two men are baptised by St Savinien

5. Peter sends them to Gaul

6. They arrive in Sens

4.Christ accepts Savinien, Potentien (and Altin?) as disciples

3. Donors: a mason