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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

Chartres Cathedral

w. 15 (Delaport 42)

St Chéron

 21. A priest carrying the chalice to the church of St Chéron

 22. ... after the orders of Bishop Pappolus

19. The princes horses await

20. The knights return

17. The son of Clotaire is led to the tomb....

18 ... and the saint appears

 15. The sick at his tomb

 16. Bishop and deacons at his new tomb

13. He arrives at the fountain of St Mesme; his souls ascends

14. Appears to the abbot standing by his tomb

11. C assaulted by bandits

12. Beheaded and led by two angels

9. C preaching

10. Heals a chariotier - a devil responsible watches!

7. C heals somene possessed

8. C heals a blind person

5.C refuses marriage

6. His fiancee is led away by her parents

3. C's parents take him to school

4. C's reading at school

1.Donors: the masons at work

2. Donors: masons sculpting statues