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Window 211 - The north rose window


The Celestial Jerusalem

The north rose at Chalons-en-Champagne cathedral is the subject of a paper published in Cahiers Archaeologique, 49 2001, p117-142 by Lillich, M.P. "La 'Rose Verte' de la Cathedrale de Chalons en Champagne." In this the author discussed the subject matter that had been much debated over the years without much satisfactory agreement. She concluded that the window probably echoed the south rose at Reims (glass lost in the C16) that represented the Celestial New Jerusalem that follows the Last Judgment, with the green leaves of the Tree of Life decorating the main panels outside the Childhood of Christ and Christ as Majestas Domini at the centre.

"The leaves of The Tree are for the Healing of the Nations"

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