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1. Pilgrims with healing of Thomas' water

2. Thomas visits a sick man

3. Petronilla in an epileptic fit before her Abbess

4. She is taken to the tomb, feet washed and curing begins

5. (Modern)

6. (Modern)

7. (Modern)

8. Louis VII told by Thomas in a dream to go to the shrine. He goes.

9. Robert of Cricklade at the tomb

10. His Swollen feet cured by bathing in holy water

11. Juliana Puintel ill has a vision of Thomas -and told to go to the shrine

12. She goes and offers tapers and silver wire

13. Henry of Fordwich, madman, brought by his keepers

14. Cured, he kneels at the tomb

15. Audrey of Canterbury has fever; she drinks holy water.....

16. .... mixed with Thomas' blood

Canterbury cathedral

Trinity Chapel


Miracle window

Early C13

Miracles involving:-


Louis VII

Robert of Cricklade

Henry of Fordwich

Juliana Puintel

Audrey of Canterbury

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008