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 1. Thomas emerges from his shrine

2. Roger of Valognes' bad feet


3. A woman returns to give thanks

 4. Daughters of Godwin of Boxgrove

5. woman with dropsy appproaches


6.... and is cured


7. (modern)


8. (modern)


9. (modern)


10. Godbold's daughters cured


11. Godbold's daughters cured


12. Godbold's daughters cured


13. Gerald rides out of the city


14. Eilward steals


15. Eilward Sentenced


16. Shows his restored eyes


17. Thomas appears


18. Eilward gives thanks at the tomb

 19. Abbot of Jervaulx gives Hugh extreme unction

20. Hugh drinks the holy water


21. He's cured - with a nosebleed


22. Modern


Canterbury cathedral

Trinity Chapel


Miracle window

Early C13

Miracles involving:-

Roger of Valognes

Godwin of Boxgrove



(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008