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37. Balaam on his ass

38. The Magi follow the star

39. Isaiah at the gate of Jerusalem

32. Pharaoh watches the Israelites

33. Herod receives the

34. Christ leads from pagan temple to Church

27. Visit of the Queen of Sheeba

28. Adoration of the shepherds

29. Joseph enthroned in Egypt

22. Lot's wife looks back

23. The Magi asleep

24. Jereboam about to sacrifice

17. Samuel is presented to Eli

18. The Presentation in the Temple

19. Parable of the Sower

12. The Church with 3 sons of Noah

13. Christ preaching to the Pharisees

14. Virginity, Continence & Marriage

7. The Roman emperors Julian & Maurice

8. The Sower

9. Daniel, Job & Noah

Canterbury cathedral

North choir aisle


Second Typological window


The 'Bible' window, originally one of the typological windows of which only two now remain, this and its neighbour. This window is made up from scenes from typological windows 2 and 6 (originally at n.XI & n.XII) and comprises two series: a typological Childhood of Christ and a teaching series.

The upper 14 panels (18-37) are original and in situ (18 and 28 restored). They are work of the "Methuselah Master".

The lower panels were severely damaged by the Parliamentarians in 1642

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008