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Auxerre, Cathedral

17. angel

18. angel

15. Agripa looks at St Peter ......

16.... being nailed to a cross

13. Dream of the "impure" animals

14. "Whither goest thou"

11. Emperor Nero and a servant

12. Simon Magus (or the blind St Paul being held

9. St Paul liberated from prison by an angel

10. Simon Magus falls while trying to fly

7. Ananas and Saphira with St Peter

8. The resurrection of Tabitha's daughter

5. St Peter with Christ

6. St Paul being healed of his blindness

3. The Miraculous draft of fish; Christ and an angel look on

1. A man in a boat (interpolated panel?)

2. Simon Magus tries to buy Peter's spiritual powers

w. 7

The Lives of St Peter and St Paul

Sample of border

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