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2020 Update

Send your photos for the website!

The coronavirus looks as though it will restrict peoples' movements for some months. In order to keep the website growing users of the website are invited to send copies of their photos of windows to the website manager (me!) and they will be displayed if needed. Each photo will be credited with the owner's name and copyright notice on the website. If you would like to contribute please note the following:-

- Please send only photographs that are not already on the website

- Please enclose any information you have on the window if possible - location, where in the building, etc

- Only photographs of windows prior to 1800

- If necessary the photos will be edited and resized

- The photos will be displayed on the website in low resolution - i.e.650 pixels on the longest side

- Before sending photographs please email me with the location of the windows photographed and approximate numbers of photos. If necessary I will create a Dropbox file for the sender (easier for large numbers of files)

Thanking you in advance! ____ Painton Cowen