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York Minster

Views around the Minster

v.1. Chapter House

v.4. Chapter House

v.2. Chapter House

v.5. C.H. vestibule

v.6. C.H. vestibule

v.16.C.H. vestibule

v.15. C.H. vestibule

v.8. N choir

v.9. N choir

v.10. N choir

v.13. N transept E

v.12. N transept

v.18. N transept W

v.14. N transept

v.11. N nave

v.7. N nave aisle

v.17. S nave aisle

v.3. S choir

v.19. S choir

v.20.S choir

v.21..S choir

v.22 SE Chapel

v.23. S transept

v.24.S transept

v.25.S transept 

v.26.S transept 

v.28.S transept