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(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008

5a Judas

5b Gethsemene

5c Christ & Disciples

4a Zechariah

4b David

4c Malachi

3a Jerusalem Entry

3b Washes Disiples' feet

3c Last Supper

2a Prophet

2b Prophet

2c Prophet Joel

1a Bishop

1b Prophet?

1c Prophet

York Minster

North Presbytery aisle (St Stephen's Chapel)


C14 glass moved here in 1953

In main lights:

5a-5b-5c: New Testament scenes

4a-4b-4c: Zechariah (L), David (C), Malachi (R)

3a-3b-3c: New Testament scenes

2a-2b-2c: Two prophets and Joel (L)

1a-1b-1c: A bishop and St John the Baptist?

(to be rephotographed)