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Vic le Comte, St Pierre (Sainte Chapelle)

w100 - Early C16. Old Testament typological scenes. Tracery lights with angels carrying musical instruments

Abner betrayed by Joab

David's penitence

Manna from heaven

David with Goliath's head

Elisha insulted

Holoferne beats Achior

Potiphar's wife accuses Joseph

Noah's drunkenness

Moses and the brazen serpent

Abraham & Isaac: Isaac with wood

Daniel imprisoned by Darius

Job on the dung heap

Jonah delivered from whale

Jonah delivered to the whale

Ai king taken down from a cross (tree)

David kills Goliath

Moses strikes the rock

Abraham offers hospitality

Resurrection by Elisha or Elijah

Nathan with the mother of Solomon

(not competely visible - below)

The Tower of Babel

Elijah ascends to Heaven

Moses and the burning bush

Jacob gives his blessing