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w.0 - c.1250 and C19

The New Alliance: Scenes from the Passion each centre surrounded by typological Old Testament incidents

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Panel 5

Last Judgement

Panel 4

20.The Resurrection: 16. sleeping soldiers; 17.18. 19. censing angels

Panel 3

11.the brazen serpent; 12.Lion revives its young; 13.David and the Pelican; 14.Moses strikes the rock at Horeb; 15.The Crucifixion

Panel 2

6.Abraham's sacrifice; 7.Elisha heals; 8.Jacob blesses his sons; 9.Jonah and the whale; 10.The Way of the Cross

Panel 1

1.Passover; 2.The Widow of Sarepta; 3.Isaac carrying wood; 4.Abel's death; 5.The Agony in the Garden