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Non stained glass photos

Stanford upon Avon, St Nicholas




St Peter, St Paul, ?

n.II   s.II ? St John, St Andrew

St Barnabus, ?, St Philip

n.III   s.III St James, St Matthew, ?

St Margaret; Last Judgement

n.IV       s.IV Four female saints


n.V           s.V donors


n.VI           s.VI Coronation in t.l.
  n.VII           s.VII  


It would appear that there have been a number of periods of glazing but, with the exception of the E windows of the aisles and some of the chancel windows, these are mixed up within the various windows. In the S Chancel are fine early C14 panels with a pattern of repeating covered cups (emblem of Eleanor of Castile). The E windows of the nave aisle have mid C14 glass - note the heads and grotesques, reminiscent of the Lenton school that make up one border).. The traceries have the Crucifixion with Sts Mary and John, angels and charming figures of birds; also in the S aisle are C14 angels and birds in the tracery lights, and donor panels, reset roundels and coats-of-arms of the C15 and C16. In the N aisle E window is St Anne teaching the Virgin Mary. Other windows have C14 figures and decorations and later fragments. The main E window has glass from at least four different eras in its main lights that include a charming little Virgin and Child and a large C19 version of Henry VII and Elizaheth of York astride the royal coat-of-arms with Tudor emblemsall by T. Willement.


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