Stanford on Avon

East window

All 1324-30 _____ return

At the summit: the head of a king, C14. Then: fragments rearranged into two figures (prelates?). Then two bishops (or abbots?) with a fragmentary figure between

Then 4 coats of arms, L to R: Lancaster, France Ancient, England (for Edward II or Edward III), The Black Prince?

Then 4 coats of arms with the
Virgin and Child at the centre. The arms are L to R: Wake, Warenne and Bohun & Hastings to the right of the Virgin.

These arms all relate to Sir Thomas Wake's relationship to the Crown. He died in 1349 and was son of the Earl of Lancaster and great-grandson of Henry III. Likewise for John de Warenne (d.1347), grandson of Edward I; Humphrey de Bohun married Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castille.

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