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St Germer de Fly


The Childhood and Life of Christ

 The Agnus Dei


12a Doubting Thomas

12b Coronation

11a Resurrection

11b Magdalene at the tomb

10a The Deposition

10b The Entombment

9a Via Crucis

9b The Crucifixion

8a Flagellation

8b Mocking

7a Judas receives the money

7b Christ is led away

6a Last Supper

6b Washes disciples feet

5a Massacre of Innocents

5b Entry to Jerusalem

4a Angel visits sleeping kings

4b Flight into Egypt

3a Magi with Herod

3b Adoration of Magi

2a Presentation

2b The Magi travelling

1a Nativity

1b Annunciation to shepherds