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The Sainte Chapelle - The rose window, c.1490

St John's Book of Revelation

1 Christ enthroned on a rainbow surrounded by seven golden candlesticks and the seven churches of Asia. In His mouth is the sharp two edged sword. His hair is white as snow white wool, His eyes flame like fire and His face like the sun in full strength. Above His right hand are the seven stars (1.11 16).
2 Some of the twenty four elders with musical instruments (4:4 10).
3 Twenty four elders together with the angel of St Matthew and the lion of St Mark (4:10).
4 God on his throne with the closed book of seven seals (5:1).
5 More elders, the bull of St Luke and the eagle of St John (5:5).
6 The book is given to the lamb (5:6).
7 The lamb with seven horns and seven eyes opens the book. Note the 4 Evangelists' symbols (5:7).
8 The elders, with harps and phials of perfume, prostrate themselves (5:8 10).
9 Angels chanting (5:8 12).
10 Opening of the first seal, with the angel of Matthew (6:1).
11 A man on a white horse with a bow and crown (6:2).
12 Opening of the second seal, with St Mark (6:3).
13 A man on another horse (not red, as in the text) with a sword to take peace from the earth (6:4).
14 Opening of the third seal, with the bull of St Luke (6:5).
15 Another horseman (his horse not black as in the text) carrying the scales to measure the wheat and barley (6:5).
16 Opening of the fourth seal, with the eagle of St John (6:7).
17 The pale horse with the grotesque figure of Death, armed with a javelin and vipers. He is emerging from the huge green mouth of hell with its red eye. Beneath the horse in the mouth can be seen the 'Venetian' two toned glass representing the flames (6:8).
18 Opening of the fifth seal (6:9).
19 The souls of the martyrs under the altar of Christ (6:9 10).
20 The souls being arrayed in white robes by angels (6:11).
21 Opening the sixth seal: 'The great day of his wrath'; the ruin created by earthquakes, the sun with a black sackcloth of hair, and the moon turned to blood (6:12 17).
22 Angels holding back the wind from the land and the ships of the sea (7:1).**
23 The multitude before the throne of God, in white robes carrying palms (7:9 12).**
24 The lamb before the throne, between the four sacred living creatures (7:9 12).
25 St John and an elder (7:13).
26 Opening the seventh seal (8:1).
27 The seven angels before God being given seven trumpets (8:2).
28 An angel giving incense to the altar (symbolizing the prayers of the saints) (8:3).
29 The prayers of the saints reaching God (8:4).
30 An angel taking the altar fire and casting it upon the earth (8:5).
31 The sounding of the first trumpet. Hail and fire descend (8:6 7).
32 The second trumpet; a burning mountain descends into the sea (8:8 9).
33 The third trumpet; the star Wormwood failing on to the waters (8:10 11).
34 The fourth trumpet sun, moon and stars darkening, and the eagle as the angel crying Woe, Woe, written beneath it (8:12 13).
35 The fifth trumpet; the star fails from heaven, the key to the bottomless pit, and a huge locust (9:1 6).
36 Locusts as horses prepared for battle, with heads like men, hair like women and tails like scorpions (9:7 10).
37 Abaddon or Apollyon, the angel of the bottomless pit (9:11).
38 The sixth trumpet (9:13).
39 The four angels of the Euphrates unbound (9:14).

40 Some of the two hundred thousand thousand (i.e. two hundred million) warriors destroying a third part of humanity (9:16 19).
41 An angel (on a rainbow) giving St. John an open book (10:1,8).
42 The heads of the seven thunders (in a blue cloud) and St John being forbidden to write (10: 3 5).
43 St John measuring the Temple of God with a reed (11:1).
44 The two witnesses are put to death with a turbaned figure looking on (11:3 11).
45 The resurrection of the witnesses and their ascension (into the blue clouds) whilst the lookers on are amazed (11:11 13).
46 The seventh trumpet; the elders prostrate themselves before the throne (11:15).
47 The woman clothed as the sun, the moon under her feet and twelve stars in her nimbus (12:1).
48 The dragon with seven heads and ten horns and a 'third part of the stars' (12:3 4).
49 'War in heaven'; St Michael conquers the dragon (12:7 8).
50 The dragon persecutes the mother of the man-child; but she has wings with which to fly into the wilderness (12:13-14)
51 The beast with seven heads comes out of the sea (13:1)
52 The dragon gives power and authority to the beast (13:2-3)
53 Adoration of the dragon (13:4)
54 The beast makes war against the saints (13:7)
55 Adoration of the beast (13:8)
56 Another beast with ram-like horns calls down the fire from heaven (13:11-14)
57 The lamb on Mount Sion with the 144,000, redeemed (14:1-5).*
58 The angel announces the hour of judgment (14:6-7)
59 Two angels, one announcing Babylon is fallen, the other carrying the wine of the wrath of God (14:8-11).*
60 The time of harvest. The son of man with a sickle on a white cloud (note the Venetian glass in the red and white spirals of the pillar on the right) (14: 14-16)
61 The gathering of the grapes with the sickle (14: 17-18).*
62 The elect singing the song of Moses (15:2-4).*
63 One of the four beasts gives the seven angels the vials of the wrath of God (15: 5-7).*
64 The first vial is poured upon the earth (16: 2).*
65 The second vial is poured upon the sea -which turns to blood (16:3)
66 The third vial is poured upon the rivers and streams 16:4-6).**
67 The fourth vial is poured upon the sun, scorching men (16:8).**
68 The fifth vial is poured upon the seat of the beast - a fauteuil Dagobert his subjects gnawing their tongues for pain (16:10)
69 The sixth angel pours his vial upon the Euphrates (16:12).*
70 Unclean spirits like frogs, coming out of the mouth of the dragon, subsequently go to the great battlefield of Armageddon (16:13).*
71 The seventh vial is emptied, as a yellow liquid, into the air (16:17)
72 The great earthquake and hailstones as heavy as coins 16:18-21)
73 The seven-headed beast carries the whore of Babylon with a golden cup in her hand (17:3-5).**
74 A mighty angel casting a great millstone into the sea (18:21)
75 'Faithful and true', the king of kings on a white horse, with two other warriors behind (19:11-16)
76 The kings of the earth making war against the beast (19:19-20)
77 The seven-headed beast and the two-horned beast being cast into the lake of fire burning with brimstone (19:20)
78 The angel with the key of the bottomless pit binding the dragon Satan for a thousand years (20:1)
79 The New Jerusalem, coloured 'finegold', an angel at each door,with all manner of stones in the walls and the lamb on the throne in its midst (21:10-24)