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 8 Scene from the Life of St catherine

 16 Sever hears he is bishop

 24 St Peter & Apostles

 32 scene from Job

 7 The birth of St Nicholas

 15 the children of Job

 23 Sever with wife & daughter

 31 Sever weaving with his wife

 6 St Nicholas refuses his mother's breast

 14 Sever preaches

 22 Catherine led to her ordeal

 30 Sever elected

 5 the Jew & the statue (2)

 13 Sever feeds the hungry

 21 fragments

 29 Sever at the Altar

 4 the butcher & the three boys

 12 Sever clothes the poor

 20 Sages gather to condemn Catherine

 28 Sever asleep at the altar

 3 Three youths murdered

 11 Sever enters Modena

 19 Catherine taken to martrydom

 27 Sever buries wife and daughter

 2 St Nicholas made bishop

 10 The death of Sever

 18 Sages with Maxence

 26 Sever buries his brother

 1 With the statue of St Nicholas

 (9 - top of C15 scene)

 17 Sever buries Vicentia

25 Sever in tomb with wife and daughter

Rouen, Cathedral

Window 51

c.1200-10, 1220-30

1468-69 lower panels

One of the 'Belles Verrieres' - early C13 panels that were reassembled in c.1270, notably scenes from the life of St Nicholas and from St Catherine. Also a number of scenes from the lives of St Sever (either the bishop of Ravenna or the bishop of Avranches)

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