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1. A group outside a town? The spies of Raab?

2. A person before a king

3. A person with an ?angel / or a saint?

4. fragmentary

5. modern

6. modern

7. fragmentary

8. angel with a sword before a group?

9. modern

10. ?

11. group with soldier

12. person on a camel?

13. group: a forgiveness scene?

14. group with a banner/flag

15. ?

16. God/Christ with a group including a soldier

17. ?

18. a group in a town?

19. modern

20. modern

21. modern

22. modern

Poitiers, Cathedral

A north nave window

w.17 right lancet

Date: early C13

Scenes are difficult to identify, but are thought to be from the Book of Joshua


BORDER details alone

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008