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1. Joseph sold to Potiphar

2. J with Potiphar's wife

3. She complains about his behaviour.

4. J is sent to prison

5. J interprets the butler's and baker's dreams

6. The butler survives.. but

7. The Baker is hung

8. The Pharaoh dreams

9. The Pharaoh with his wise men

10. J interprets the dream

11. The harvest is cut

12. J's brothers arrive

13. J's cup found in Benjamin's bag
14. The brothers beg clemency

15. The brothers return to Jacob

16-18. The brothers beg Benjamin to return with them

19. Benjamin presented to Joseph

20. The brothers ....
21. ... return to Canaan

22. Joseph reveals his identity to them

Poitiers, Cathedral

North transept north window

w.11 left lancet

Date: early C13

The story of Joseph; after he had arrived in Egypt.

As with the neighbouring panel there are problems with the order of some of the panels, notably in the small 'half-panels' 13 and 21 as well as 14 and 21



(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2008