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"English heritage in stained glass : Oxford ". Michael Archer, Sarah Crewe, and Peter Cormack. 1988

"The Stained Glass of Oxford". Paul San Casciani. 1979

(c) Copyright Painton Cowen 2014

Oxford, New College

Antechapel and Chapel

Glass in the antechapel mostly by Thomas Glazier 1380-1386. The west window of 1779-85 is by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Jervais. In the chapel it is mostly by William Peckett on the north side and by William Price the Younger on the south side

(Most of the chapel windows are still to be photographed).









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5. Apostles


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2. Patriarchs & Prophets










1. Patriarchs & Prophets


The west window


 7. Female saints & others