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The Victoria and Albert Museum

Superb examples of stained glass of all ages - often at eye level ! Much is in storage but most of the panels on display can be seen here. More of the V & A's stained glass as well as more information on all of these panels can be seen on its website. It also has more panels at the Ely Stained Glass Museum.

Links with the building from which some of the panels originated are made here - for example the Daniel window at the St Chapelle - and vice-versa to the collection here



01-Border France/St Denis C12
02-St Benedict France/St Denis C12
03-Patriarch Semei England/Canterbury C12
04-The Temptation France/Troyes C12
05-The Temptation France/Troyes C12
06-Feeding of the Five Thousand France/Troyes C12
07-St Nicholas France/Troyes C12
08-Angels France/Lyon C12
09-Border England/Canterbury C12
10-Decorative panel England/Canterbury C12
11-The Marriage of Tobias & Sara France/St Chapelle C13
12-Leaf ("Carpet" panel) Germany C13
13-Leaf ("Carpet" panel) Germany C13
14-St Stephen Preaching Germany C13
15-Prophet from Tree of Jesse France/Soissons? C13
16-Figures from Trees of Jesse France/Troyes ? C13
17-Scene from the Book of Daniel France/St Chapelle C13
18-Four Old Testament scenes France/St Chapelle C13
19-Scenes from Life of the Virgin France/St Germain-d C13
20-Border panels England/Canterbury C13
21-Musician angel (No 22) France C13
23-Childebert and St Germanus France/St Germain-d C13
24-The death of St Vincent France/St Germain-d C13
25-The Flagellation France or England C13
26-St Stephen with High Priest Normandy C13
27-St Peter Normandy C13
28-St Stephen - composite scene France C13
29-Grisaille England C13
30-Canopy Germany C14
31-Grisaille England C14
32-Christ's Entry to Jerusalem Germany C14
33-Grisaille - ex. St Denis France/St Denis C14
34-Agnes, Duchess of Bavaria Germany C14
35-Annunciation and Presentation Austria C14
36-St Michael Switzerland C14
37-Grisaille - ex. St Denis France/St Denis C14
38-The arms of John of Gaunt England C14
39-Annunciation to Shepherds England C14
40-Winchester College figures England/Winchester C14
41-Quarries England var
42-Musician angel England C15
43-St John England C15
44-St Thomas England C15
45-St Peter England C15
46-St James the Less England C15
47-St Edmund England C15
48-The Labours of the Month England C15
49-The Month of June Netherlands C15
50-Virgin Mary (ex. Coronation) England C15
51-Angel England C15
52-Angel England C15
53-Angels England C15
54-Deliberately damaged tracery England C15
55-St Michael Germany/Nuremberg? C15
56-David Sophonias Ezekiel Germany/Cologne C15
57-Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah Germany/Cologne C15
58-Arms of the Tutonic Knights? Germany C15
59-The Virgin John Bap. St Dorothy Germany C15
60-Pierre Michel France/Dijon C15
61-The Flagellation France/Metz C15
62-Scene: St John Damascus France/Metz C15
63-Arms of the Counts of Virneburg Germany C15
64-Arms of Elizabeth v Wyssenburg Switzerland/Zurich C15
65-St Peter Germany C15
66-A merchant at work Netherlands C15
67-Burgundy, Hapsburg arms Belgium/Bruges C15
68-The Hapsburgs Belgium/Bruges C15
69-Coat of arms with wild man Switzerland C15
70-Coat of arms of Balthasar II Switzerland C16
71-Arms: von Hohenlandenberg Switzerland C16
71-Arms: von Hohenlandenberg Switzerland C16

72-Assumption of Mary Magdalene Switzerland/Basle C16
73-Scene: the Life of John Baptist France/Rouen C16
74-Scene: the Life of John Baptist France/Rouen C16
75-Adoration of the Magi Germany C16
76-Last Judgement Germany C16
77-The Last Supper Germany/Nuremberg C16
78-Tobias and Sarah Germany C16
79-St Peter & St Paul Germany/Cologne? C16
80-Adoration of the Magi Italy/Cortona C16
81-Panels from Mariawald Germany/Mariawald C16
82-Panels from Mariawald (window 1) Germany/Mariawald C16
83-Panels from Mariawald (window 2) Germany/Mariawald C16
84-Panels from Mariawald (window 3) Germany/Mariawald C16
85-Panels from Mariawald (window 4) Germany/Mariawald C16
86-Panels from Steinfeld Abbey Germany/Steinfeld C16
87-The Crucifixion Germany/Altenberg? C16
88-St Helen & Constantine Germany C16
89-Arms for Guild of the camel Switzerland C16
90-Saturn and monk with pig's head Netherlands/France C16
91-The Annunciation France ? C16
92-Scenes from the Life of St Peter France/Rouen C16
93-Virgin & Child Germany/Nuremberg C16
94-The Nativity Germany/Nuremberg C16
95-Arms of Ruterius Netherlands/Louvain C16
96-Virgin & Child ; Joanna of Castille Netherlands/Brabant C16
97-Roundel: Life of Abraham Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
98-Roundel: St George Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
99-Roundel: The Mass of St Gregory Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
100-Roundel: Sorgheloos story Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
101-Roundel: Sorgheloos story Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
102-Roundel: St Peter Simon Magus Netherlands C16
103-Roundel: St John Baptist Netherlands C16
104-Roundel: Suzanna? Netherlands/Antwerp C16
105-Roundel: Suzanna & the Elders Netherlands/Antwerp C16
106-Geldulph & St Geldulph Netherlands/Louvain C16
107-C Boelen & St Catherine Netherlands/Amsterdam C16
108-Emblems of Church and Laity France/Rouen C16
109-The Last Supper France/Rouen C16
110-The Annunciation France/Rouen C16
111-Christ Preaching France/Rouen C16
112-St Nicholas miracle Netherlands/Louvain C16
113-The death of the Virgin Netherlands/Louvain C16
114-St Mathias (ex. Fairford) England C16
115-Arms of See of Ely England C16
116-Two unknown arms England C16
117-Angel from Fairford England C16
118-Arms from Beaupré Hall England C16
119-Arms of the Tudor dynasty England C16
120-Arms of Pigot England C16
121-Arms of Edward Lucas England C16
122-A Merry May England C16
123-An angel appears to Abraham France/Rouen? C16
124-A donor Netherlands C16
125-St Ursula Germany/Cologne C16
126-Crucifixion preparation Germany/Steinfeld C16
127-The Crucifixion Germany/Steinfeld C16
128-Donor & St John Baptist Germany/Cologne C16
129-Donor & St John Germany/Cologne C16
130-The Entombment Germany/Steinfeld C16
131-The Resurrection Germany/Steinfeld C16
132-Adelheld and St James Germany/Mariawald C16
133-Peter von Schlebusch and St Peter Germany/Mariawald C16
134-The Promise to Simeon Germany/Steinfeld C16
135-The Presentation in the Temple Germany/Steinfeld C16
136-The Massacre of the Innocents Germany/Steinfeld C16
137-Return ex Egypt; Innocents Germany/Steinfeld C16
138-St Peter at the Raising of Lazarus Germany/Mariawald C16
139-Christ at the Raising of Lazarus Germany/Mariawald C16
140-Christ crossing the brook Cedron Germany/Steinfeld C16
141-Christ washing St Peter's feet Germany/Steinfeld C16
142-Panel for Anne de Montmorency France/Fontainebleau C16
143-The Deposition by A. van Linge England C17